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Bill from accounting goes bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Download Link: Have fun saying bill from accounting, and then playin…


Raddishist says:

Is Bill From Accounting friends with Jake From State Farm?

AussieBeef54099 says:

Godspeed you magnificent son of a bitch

Kiwianagaming says:

Blue Eyes White Windows

dance4ever2378 says:

I know 10 people named Bill, one of them works in accounting.

MiB20 says:

i’ve never been happier that my name is michael

quetch2 says:

but if that from yu-gi-oh, how do they justify him being sent to the shadow
realm without loosing a childrens card game?

soulreaperyoh says:

@KatHeartnetXIII i see what you did there *pulls out death note*

otsiftik says:

It’s “CHAD from accounting” say it with me: CH-A-D.

Jetman2021 says:

Isn’t this from Death Note?

theshellshock30 says:

What would bill from accounting do agggghh well I could do that but dammit
there aren’t any windows near by

TerraceArchimedes says:

@xRaineDropsx I think this his brother….

Fenrir Flame says:

OK who said bill from accounting?! *replays video* dammit.

Ben Jones says:


ImmortalAndroid says:

make a wrist band wit WWBFAD on it!

equivillantexchange says:

What anime us from

MiB20 says:

@EXAProduction yeah i am MiB20 fro… ahhhh

Ninjaboss901 says:

Poor poor bill

soulreaperyoh says:

me think it was kira!

Duque Sousa says:


jjanime1 says:

yes yes but out of all the people who watched this only 40% know where it
came from 10% don’t and 20% are just lazy 30%are just trolls

Epicfail90001 says:

Spongebob: OVERTIME?!?!?! *plays video*

Crazyzen777 says:

I like the part where he was from account

Imperonal the Warlock says:


soulreaperyoh says:

@TheOtakuSakura15 nope.avi

The Lewis Lion says:

Its a short scene, what do you expect?

ReallyGoodJoe says:

@GreatSirZachary Yeah, Pegasus wasn’t the one who said that.

SazCazPaz says:

@tobimisa No, Matsuda fell drunkenly from the edge of a balcony not threw a

Comand Reu says:

@EdibleBlanka Its from yugioh, when theyr talkin about the creation of the
God cards.

Sycamore's Assistant says:


Someguyhere111 says:

@Blad3sofWaR Actually, Chad came first

popcorndavid says:

*crash*GAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Sooo funny!

tobimisa says:

The falling guy is Matsuda from when he jumped out that window

xRaineDropsx says:

Lol I thought it was Chad from accounting.

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