Big Four Tax Accounting

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A typical day in the life of a tax associate…


. says:

Lol this is hilarious!!

danjalderturke says:

and….this is exactly why I left price. all the best to my ex workmates
and partners. not everyone in a Big 4 is an asshole, but the firm did make
me want to killmyself several times daily. it may have actually been
successful in killing my hopes in dreams lol

brazil10able says:

I tried to be an accountant for 4 years but I couldn’t stop falling asleep
on the job…..

Bill Anderson says:

Thank you! Very helpful!

andypun123 says:

i think i know which one of the big 4 is this specifically referring to

superb4lls says:

Funny stuff…

nm4ukuf says:

audit staff also have this problem. oh, how I don’t miss big public

solis087 says:

@flashablecards so, did you get the job?:)

Nonfundie says:

I work in the Big Four and this is so true…Big Four is a grinder.

flashablecards says:

i’ll be starting big four soon… internship in the summer, and hopefully
i’ll have a job a year later. haha yaaayyy

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

It can be difficult for large companies, firms, or managers to foster a
friendly work environment. It seems that at least some of them want an
unrealistic workload to be completed in an unrealistic time.

solis087 says:

@jelnunez It will. Sorry.

TheBigFourNetwork says:

@dtomasovich74 all of them?

WhiteyMcKrackerHonke says:

I used to work at PwC in tax for 5 years. I didn’t know what a humane
workplace is until I quit and got a corporate tax job one block down. When
I hear someone say PwC I get goosebumps and laugh so hard when I see
college students dream about working at the Big Four.

Jenny S.W. Chan says:

this is much funnier than the Audit version!!!!!

flashablecards says:

@solis087 hahaha yes. i start next july… i’m doing an mtax degree right
now and i’m going insane.

Derrick Horvath says:

Haha, this is so depressing. Luckily I never got hooked into the Big 4
public accounting life. Went private right out of college, in some ways it
hurts your career but at least I never felt like killing myself and I
enjoyed my 20’s.

hackingtime88 says:

should i study finance instead?

Joey Carlyle says:

@derrickhnj That’s one good thing about working in accounting for the
government. At least at the IRS, you get to actually have a life outside of

bebo3ful says:

This couldnt be more of an exact replica of how it is to work at big 4.

bebo3ful says:

This was great, im more or less exactly in this position right now. I cant
wait to leave this hole after finishing my CA.

Gene Davis II says:

Haha this is so true!

dtomasovich74 says:

which big four?

Jelffy Nunez says:

LOLOLOL Jesus I hope this isn’t going to happen to me.

adelle0001 says:

unsa ni?|

TheBigFourNetwork says:

@andypun123 oh yeah? got a sneaking suspicion? does it begin with an e, a
k, a p, or a d?

BoredImmigrant says:

Damn, I just got an articling accountant offer from Deloitte and a midsize
private firm … I dont want to make the wrong decision!!!!!

MinnieSui says:

Bad Moment to see this video while I’m studying for CPA LOL

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