Big Brother Is Not The Only One That Might Be Watching You

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The Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) allows taxpayers to come forward and correct inaccurate or incomplete information or disclose material they did not report during previous dealings with the CRA, without penalty or prosecution.

Did you know that other people can disclose information about you too?

Individuals and taxpayers are requested that if they have information about a suspected violation of any tax law, they are requested to contact the CRA enforcement division nearest you.

It’s a little more defined (albeit it partially confusing) for us third-party accountants, and income tax preparers, etc and are subject to heavy fines.

By the way .. “voluntary” disclosure means “BEFORE YOU GET CAUGHT” … Otherwise … you might end up on one these pages!

So If You Have Been Naughty .. You Might End Up On This Page!

Just click the Provinces on the left side to see who’s been naughty lately.

The vast majority of Canadians pay their taxes. In fairness to all those law-abiding citizens, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducts compliance programs to ensure the uniform application of the laws it administers.

The CRA seeks publicity on conviction in the case of tax evasion. It does this to maintain confidence in the integrity of the self-assessment system, and to increase compliance with the law through the deterrent effect of such publicity.

The CRA advises the media of cases of people, corporations, and trusts convicted in the courts for tax evasion or for failing to file income tax returns when required. The information released to the media is available to the public since it is derived strictly from court records and not from confidential information held by the CRA.


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