Better bookkeeping for small businesses

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One in three small and medium sized businesses fail to take reasonable care when it comes to bookkeeping. This can cause problems for your business, but on t…


bedburner says:

Look at the interviewers socks.

TheBookkeepingCenter says:

We train low-income and unemployed individuals to become Quality
Bookkeepers! Thanks for spreading the word…

Seabeats says:

Let’s say it again “Keeping the books in order for your business is very

Bill Anderson says: presentation.

startupbuildervideos says:

Hey, your video has good content, but I am not sure I totally agree with
it… I guess that is why everyone has a channel and opinion right? Either
way I like the content and the presentation. I picked up a few ideas from
this video so thank you for posting. May I ask, how you go about
determining what to make video content about? Are you looking for trending
topics or are you just making content around what you think people should
be consuming online? I am trying to figure out my process…

APR Bookkeeping services BAS agent says:

A bookkeeper should be enquiring of the business what sort of information
they are looking for and providing specific reports relating to those
requirements. For example a business that relies on cash will need to have
cash reports more regularly than one that may have a large cash surplus.

BookkeepingCourse says:

Nice to see something for the UK! Hilary rocks. It’s amazing how many
people have no idea about business.

SuperScoobydoo777 says:

Yes, make sure you pay your taxes so that hm revenue can pay the IMF for
the money that the goverment has borrowed!

Lee Dummett says:

hilary knows what she is talking about, she is a true entrepreneur.

AAAjohn123 says:

“Give us a ring” I just called HMRC and the call cost me £10. At no point
was I told that the call may cost me a fortune. I was put on hold past from
pillar to post ALL at my cost. I call about a penalty of £100 for not
submitting a return that I never new about! Now I believe in FAIR play. It
may be “the law” to keep up to date, but there must also be an obligation
on the tax offices part to provide advice and support without gouging
people. If you want the public to play fair run a fair game

Yoshie Yamamoto Z says:

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