Beatles Cartoon – Taxman

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From 1967, the Beatles dream they are back in the time of Merry Olde England, and try to pay Ringo’s whopping tax bill with the aid of Robin Hood and that sw…


Frank Jacobs says:


Jean-Christophe deyagere says:

TAXMAN !!!!!!!

Heraclito Julio carvalho says:
nighteousness ify says:

he never happened

MrMorganfarts says:

Wow! Robin Hood!

He never happened.

Ricklie Stone Ron Waxman says:

The most taxing day of the year deserves an earworm all its own.

Matt Burton says:


Louis Maistros says:
Robert Glab says:

I loved this cartoon when I was growing up.

Thomas Templeton says:

This is so bad yet so good.

Jayzus Gee says:


Patrice Christian says:

A little tax humor for the day. 

Nicole Standley says:

I can’t stop singing “Taxman” by The Beatles today.

Jacob Clayton says:

I like to plan ahead…taxes for individuals in the US are due Monday so
today sounds like as good a time as any to start getting my act together!
Who’s with me!?

MissYukiko100 says:

@Dontreportabug They weren’t sell outs,cuz they didnt even hav anything to
do with this show.ABC made it.the Beatles actually didnt even lik it.these
voices dont even sound anything lik the Beatles!

Cesare Fereveutto says:

Is that their voices?

NW0arescum says:

oh look the scumbag conspiracy is trying to control the computers with
their sick little minds as usual and stopping my comment here showing in
the channel feed

layziebone2152 says:

Who doesn’t like The Beatles? That’s not liking oxygen, or bread with a
sandwich. But yes, if you don’t like The Beatles then you probably
shouldn’t be watching this video, people never cease to amaze me.

Frankie LoGiudice says:

@mandiegirl68 nvm

Hana O'Glatison says:

@popcornman900 What is he never happened??

kevinz says:

F*cking taxman :/ !

D. Areus says:

@bcbgvbhi More like Paul. He even did the guitar in this song.

Frankie LoGiudice says:

…He never happened.

KobeConfidence says:

dang it ringo ur always puttin them into debt grr. i dnt like this.haha
john attacks them with mony.

Anna Berggren says:

“WOW! robin hood!….he never happened”

spidermastermind100 says:

4:47 is my favorite part

Matthew Bartell says:

they really made george’s chin huge. Not so much lennon but they oversized
his too.

silvia soberon says:

@Mugu2010 yeah!!! Sunday’s morning, I’was ten…and always had a row for
the tv

Shad0wSpill says:

@TheCamiy11 lol kinda has a Family Guy style to it when he abruptly says
“he never happened” (then short pause)

M16Ben says:

@Leobons That happened in America too. The government bailed out General
Motors and owned a huge part of it. I think the UK is trying to shrink its
government because they realized that socialism stops running when you
can’t borrow other people’s hard earned money anymore. I think a lot of
this government intervention in the UK occurred after Churchill left the
Prime Minister office, because he was very against socialism and communism;
the only thing he hated more than those things was Nazism.

kevin tyson says:

A fantastic song.

mejasourus says:

Lol when John fell in the beginning it said Crump!

cozener1 says:

The accents are so shit!!!

totaldrambeatles22 says:

22 people are living in the 17 hundreds

Dontreportabug says:

@MissYukiko100 OK. Sorry, got to forgive them this anyway. 🙂

M16Ben says:

@Leobons Yeah that’s probably what the British socialists and liberals said
about her.

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