Basic principles of double entry bookkeeping

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3min competition entry for AAT bookkeeping video competition (3mins… because that’s what is says in terms and conditions..Talk about f…


Melody Ann Wood says:

WOW… that was BRILLIANT. You were definitely born to be a teacher. Have a great day. 🙂

Hecter Plasmic says:

That was very well done 🙂

wloone1 says:

Fantastic. Clear, concise and entertaining. Good job.

Zagyvaworld says:

The picture made me go to it first 🙂 Oh thank heavens for simple explanations. Thank YOU

mkcdavies says:

Excellent video – you’ve doen a really great job, giving a clear and simple explanation into 3 minutes. If only all accountants could do that!

Sirirat Soda says:

so good Thanks

smile0dont0cry says:

Excellent !!!!! 🙂 thanks a lot for the great video

rkd201027rd says:

Great video. Thanks for the explanation.

sarahbenjamins says:

great! now another one please showing me how to do T bars or whatever they’re called!


Thank you kind sir!

christine39 says:

Bookkeping? (I couldn’t resist :P)

Anyways, Thank you for the help!

George Hutton says:

That was a great help. Thanks!

StRaWbeRrYsasha says:

thanks i liked this video a lot!, i love ur voice and way of explaining

TheSugarplum770 says:


Briar L says:

BRILLIANT!! such a help! thanks

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