Basic Capital Gains for Individuals in Canada

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A Brief understanding of the basic Capital Gain calculation for individuals in Canada.


Cheryl Moniz says:

paying taxes in a fraud to support Monsanto as Agrofoods at 1-855-773-0241 in the Ministry of Agriculture in Ottawa is depraved indifference to human suffering and a crime against humanity ; we are all participating a sick making fraud and that is WRONG and you CA look just like the Monsanto reps who are colluding to kill us all

James Hartley says:

great! keep doing these videos!

Sunil Rao says:

ACB- adjusted cost balance. Taxed 50% on the Capital gains Thanks

Girls Football &Freestyle says:

My guess is it would be taxed at what your total income for the year is being taxed at. The 1547 may push your tax to a higher level is your at the threshold, but not likely. good luck.

Girls Football &Freestyle says:

It is clear and thank you.
Now I have to figure out that capital loss – ….If I file electronically, how does the government know I'm carrying loss forward?

manalive33 says:

Thank you for the info, very simple and clear explanation.

Amethyst SLV says:

So at what rate is that 1547 taxed at?

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