Autosport International 2009 Live Show (EDC, Mark Luney, Terry Grant, WRC etc)

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Here is an interesting video on YouTube ..

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Autosport International 2009, NEC Birmingham 9-11 January Live Show Video, Drifting, Terry Grant, WRC, Banger Racing etc 1000+ Photos of the babes, cars and live show at : Thursday, 8th of January 2009 Autosport International is the one event that we all look forward to pretty much from the moment the previous one finishes. It’s the biggest, most well attended and diverse show in the UK for anyone who has even a passing interest in motorsport, modified or performance cars. It’s not the grot fest that a lot of English events have become in recent years, filled with borderline jail bait and trying to flog copy of a copy body kits, under car neons and CD’s that HMV stopped stocking 5 years ago – quite the opposite in fact – Autosport is a celebration of everything car enthusiasts relish. This year we decided to make the trip down for both the media and trade days so it would be easier to get around and actually see the cars and talk to the people at the stands. The public days (the Saturday and Sunday) are always jam packed which is great for atmosphere but not so hot for taking photos. Our journey started at 3am when the alarm went off, that was the signal that we had less than an hour to do our final preparation before leaving for Birmingham. As usual I managed to delay everyone by dicking around and panicking though not by as much time as usual. With a fully laden BMW 1 series we all made a break for the border by about half 4



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