Attn: Internal Revenue Service auditors

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Today’s episode.


Alphonse Mourad says:

It’s the 21st Century, isn’t is about time that we expose the IRS as the
exterminator of capitalism? They swoop in like terrorists and unlawfully
seize years of hard work and leave you bankrupt – all in the name of
justice. They gave my property away with a $12 Million tax credit to line
the pockets of Jewish developers at the expense of 1500 low-income tenants
and one Middle Eastern developer. Join my crusade against this governmental

aviomaster says:

As the economy cools down , they are auditing , more and more people and
are going lower and lower in income , for 2007 tax return they found some
irregularities , and punish my father with 21.950 $ ,, fine ,,, But he does
not have any money in his account or savings ,, He can pay about 2-3000 ,,,
that is it ..

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