At The Beach Craft Sale: Will that be cash, cheque or did I say cash or cheque?

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* Yup. Still at Victoria Beach

There was a craft sale today and naturally we had to go. I made a beeline for the gourmet food mix and meat spices, and my wife makes a beeline for the jewelry. Afterwards, we meet at the artists corner to browse the original artworks, prints and pictures that closely resemble a view from our lakefront cottage.

Well .. today there was a picture painted on our neighbor’s deck and the view could have been from our front deck .. we had to have it. But, I didn’t have enough cash on me.

Out here, you want to HAVE cash .. for the bakery and grocery and other reasons .. but, you don’t want to carry too much cash .. for the same bakery and grocery reasons! (overload on the good stuff!)

Well, most vendors at the craft sale accept two forms of payment – cash and cheque. I didn’t have any cheques on me (with debit cards you really don’t need to carry cheques), but I had all of my credit cards with me.The artist pulled out that manual clicker machine out – you know .. the one where your credit card is planted on a machine and a form is on top of it, and then you phhewt-phhewt swipe over it to imprint your credit card details onto the slip.

Before I gave him the appropriate credit card .. I asked him … “Do you accept paypal? I could zip back to the cottage, pick up my laptop with EVDO internet access, come back here and just transfer you the money instantly .. as, I have more than enough money in my paypal account right at this very moment

That thought didn’t even occur to him and he has no paypal account. This artist does a big Art Expo over on the Exhibition Grounds every November, and I wonder if he would be well off to have a paypal account. I don’t know if he has an online store or website, or even if he sells on Ebay .. but a lot of people use paypal. For those customers that want to pay him by cheque, he could use paypal and he will know whether or not he should not ship anything out to shady people promising to pay, but give him bum cheques (which, he told me has happened before). I honestly don’t know if even checked the expiry date on my credit card .. maybe he did or not, but I know he didn’t phone it in and get an authorization number.

Now – I’m just saying that – that if other people were to take advantange of his good nature .. they probably could do that.

Personally, I like and only use Paypal .. It’s great to pay things with, ties in with Ebay, you can easily send money to people .. and, whell I’m familiar. But there is also Google Checkout which made a splash last Xmas season … i.m.o. and more and more stores are offering Google Checkout for easy online payments.

PS: You may pay my Invoice via Paypal if you want to … send monies to … hart (at) PapillonLvr (dot) com … with the invoice number as a reference. There is no cost to the client! Just me! (but I don’t mind) .. and it saves you postage.

Honestly, I have only two clients that insist on paying my bills with paypal, but it wouldn’t bother me at all if all my clients wanted to do the same. I’m too much of a little guy to actually have a visa or mastercard account, so these two clients want to increase their air miles by using their paypal account, which ties in to their credit card – and that’s fine with me.

I’m online anyway .. if people want to pay me – I want to make it as easy as possible. I also have one client who only pays me when he has money, and uses an Email Wire Transfer from his bank to my bank. It costs him $1.50 each time, and if he would use paypal, it probably would cost me about $0.30 .. (and I told him I would eat the cost) but, he prefers to do it that way, since it worked the first time.

Change is slow – but, it’s an electronic age out there. In the ’90’s I used to have wads of $20 or $50 dollar bills in my pocket, but I rarely carry more than $100 nowadays .. and that’s just for gas and incidentals.


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