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They don’t call me 1-800-HART for nothing!

I may not know everything, but sometimes I pretend like I do! That’s because I am pretty good at finding information .. . I am quite resourceful! And if I don’t know the answer? Well, if I can’t lead you in the right direction to finding a solution or an answer for you …I’ll make something completely up that SOUNDS like it could be the correct answer!

Please remember .. I’m not charging you nor offering any service other that I like to help .. if I can .. or entertain you! Think of disclaimers that you have read in the past anywhere in all existence, and apply. 😀



Leave a message in these comments and for serious questions, I will post a response in the main blog and link back to your site or blog, in good time!

Take care.
HART (1-800-HART)

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* About My Masthead (Oct/2006)
* Change in GST Reporting Methods from the Quick Method to the Traditional Method (Oct/2006)


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Eric says:

I was wondering where you received the picture of the Provencher Bridge with lightening from?
Its beautiful!

Judith Farrell says:

I certainly like the way that you express yourself, as the information is easy to read and logical. I have been trying to understand the information provided by the CRA as to when and how a person switches from the Quick Method to the traditional method of accounting for gst; however, the instructions seem so obscure. Can you possibly explain the procedure in a manner that makes sense?

Al Franklin says:

I just love the aboutdogs.pps slide show. For anyone who loves dogs, it is very touching. My question is, “The music is beautiful, could you tell me the name of the song, who plays it, album name?”

Hi Al .. I tried to answer this question for another reader a while back, but with no success. The best that we could come up with as the background music for AboutDogs.pps powerpoint slideshow .. is a song by Zamfir. I’ve tried sampling the “greatest hits” and it doesn’t appear to be on that album. Perhsps you have the time to test sample his other albums?

Sorry .. Hope that helps a little, although I know I didn’t answer your question fully. // HART

Andy Boyd says:

Hi Hart,

Just a heads up that the links under the HOME / SELF / IMPROVEMENT header are 404ing. 🙂

Catch you on the board,

Andy Boyd

There’s probably a few other categories that are giving me this 404 error too .. including the standard wordpress search. Hmm.

Thanks for heads up Andy! I’ll watch out for ’em.

Judith Farrell says:

I would like to know more about corporate reporting for eligible and ineligible dividends (S53, S55, etc.) and would appreciate your comments.

Hi Judith. I touched up generally about eligible and ineligible dividends .. HERE

For my own client base, most dividends declared and paid will be ineligible and my reporting requirements will generally be the requirement to place the amounts in a proper box/field during T5 Preparation.

But, for corporations that are paying eligible dividends, my understanding is that the T2(S55) form is prepared and the corporation has to pay 20% Part III.1 tax on these (excessive) eligible dividends declared or paid – less – the T2(S53) GRIP balance which you have to calculate ..

Quite honestly, because it’s a tax cost .. I am not familiar and when the time comes I myself will be relying heavily on my tax software program and CRA’s information like ..
http://www.fin.gc.ca/drleg/ITAdtc06_2e.html#Explanatory%20Notes (with a closer review before filing)

At this moment – I hope that helps.

J. Farrell says:

I have just calculated a taxable benefit for a client regarding employee use of an employer owned vehicle. I know that a gst collected component must be calculated and can certainly do that. I have not done this for a long time and have lost sight of the corresponding debit entry needed to get the gst collected component into the books. Could you possibly provide some guidance in this regard? Thank you kindly.

joe says:

How come whem I type yanuzzi in Google images I see your face, which is fine, but nuthin’ from my sites.

The power of blogging Joe! I took your image of me you made and renamed it with a title and all that are SEO friendly with Google. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t 🙂

If I had it my way, if you typed in the google image search for Fruit Loops or Sliced Bread you would also see the HART caricature 🙂

-joe says:

I wish I could make that happen to a few of the pictures I have of friends. There’s a vet I would not want to see go unnoticed
Maybe I should add him to the WordPress blog from my other link

-joe says:

I’m a little slow. The images are pick up when you upload them to the actual blog. I usually grab them from my other site

You should also blog regularly, and mention the pictures in the blog, and use the alt=”” and title=”” to describe the image for the search engines Joe.

-joe says:

Perfect, I need to look at that

alt=”” and title=””

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