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I wrote a post back in April 2008 about twitter .. and today, in January 2009 I find myself using it more and more each day. Although I do not use the program application TWHIRL anymore .. (Adobe AIR eats up a lot of my resources) .. I do share my time on twitter on iTweet which looks and feels like twhirl. I also use the basic web interface and a firefox extension addon called “TwitterBar“.

Please follow me on twitter!

I have 3 twitter accounts now:

PetLvr – this is my main twitter account with the most followers and most people that I follow. I generally interact and post my two cents and surfing exploits on this account. This account aggregates all posts of my HART-Empire Network, including this blog, except for the Shops @ HART Market posts. So .. if you are interested in chatting with me and seeing some really cool and interesting retweets .. follow me!

HBSMC – this is my latest twitter account. This account will be my “Canadian” perspective and is aggregating posts from this blog, and my business card site http:/ for latest news. So, if you are interested in following the latest news from Revenue Canada and other possible retweets from other Canadian professionals that may follow me .. then .. follow me!

HARTmarket – I created this offshoot account so not to bother my regular followers of @PetLvr twitter account with all the shopping related blog posts. In this account, I am aggregating all posts from the Shops @ HART market stores with a lot of cool products! It might get cumbersome, and there may be a series of batch entries coming through in a relatively short period of time. I’m just saying this and giving you warning, but feel free to … follow me!

Every person who follows me will be followed back by me

See you in 140 characters or less in 2009!

HART aka PetLvr aka HBSMC aka HARTmarket


Jenny says:

I try to ask people to follow me but I get rejection all around.

Sometimes .. it’s just easier to follow people – than get them to follow you. If people are interesting to follow – follow them and engage in a conversation with them (reply to their tweets) .. you may find they will eventually just start following you too.

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