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It’s almost December and I will be updating this blog more frequently with interesting TAX news tips that I have received over the past few months, as well as some interesting TAX news and tips you should be aware for 2012.


I have combined all my “hart” blogs to feed into wordpress into the above facebook page. Perhaps at a later point in time when I have a gabillion subscribers I will segregate into several pages, but for the moment it includes automated RSS feed posts from the following blogs:

1) (This blog)
2) (things I like or hate, FWD’ed stuff in my emails, etc)
3) (technical babble about my blogs and blogging ventures)
4) (SEO articles and tips and stuff)
> plus, about a half-dozen or more blogs/domains that I own that have “hart” or “singer” in the URL! but, I don’t post often

LIKE this page! Come say hello! Ask questions! Leave Comments! I hope to take a greater role and responsibility of this facebook page in 2012 and build on the community of 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T and include other accounting, bookkeeping, income tax preparation and consulting tips and suggestions.

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