Anybody Out There?

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Yes .. I’m still here too.

I’ve been focusing my ‘blogging’ efforts on our personal website/blog ..

Yvonne used to have her own webpage, and years and years ago – I managed to save a copy on my old server, before we ‘merged’ accounts. There is one section that I have been trying to get to work in my WordPress blog, her puzzle page.

To Play: This is a swap style puzzle. Just click on a tile, it’ll be highlighted, click on another tile … the 2 pieces will swap locations. The puzzle will tell you when you’ve finished! Please be patient, this is a java applet and it takes a little time to load.

Hint: If you can’t view the complete puzzle in your browser window without scrolling up or down … try “unticking” the “show location”, “show toolbar” and “show directory buttons” under OPTIONS …. Have fun!

Go ahead and check it out! If you are into puzzles that is. Here is the old webpage (please ignore links that are dead – they will not be fixed until transfered to our blogsite).

You just scroll to a section and pick a puzzle … for instance, you might get … “The Flood Of The Century” puzzle

I would recommend that at first, you click REVEAL at the top, and this places “X”‘s in each spot. You just click and swap puzzle pieces, and where the “X” disappears, you have found the correct puzzle location.

I have over a 100 of these puzzle pages that I am trying to get to work in WordPress. The applet just doesn’t want to work inside these “Page” templates …

I’m still trying to work around it though … if anybody has a suggestion, please do so here in the comments, or email me at …

Hope you are all enjoying the Long Weekend!

Take care.



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