Angry Grandpa falls for the egg prank

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Pickle Boy tricks Angry Grandpa into putting an egg in his mouth then smashes it.


Chad Bellamy says:

“You didnt last 10 seconds” thts what tina said 

DiamondMiner999 says:

Flagged for copyright!

Matt Scarce says:

Fake as shit

Tyler Troy says:


Honey Bea Villagomez says:


John Dang says:

Lmao thats so fuckin funny

FlentMan says:

I’m laughing so hard HAHAHAHAHAHAH

Ipwnd- TheQuest For Devils! says:


UnitedRhinos says:

It was made way earlier than that…

Msdhdjmz says:


Iris Soto says:

this was made a year ago. how can michaels voice change within a year?

Iris Soto says:

oh I thought it was last year cause whoever posted this posted it last year

rugratsandcatdognick@nite says:


WyattForTheWin says:

Hey this is wyatt. I will be making prank videos every week. Please tune
into my channel, and dont forget to comment, rate, and subscribe!! follow
me on instagram!! @mynameis_wywy

Goddamnitj says:

He makes 10 seconds, pickleboy owes gramps 50 DOLLAHS.

meljia332 says:


badd99 says:

funny as shit

ZCZac24 says:

thats some funny ass for 50 dollas

AnttiR24 says:

if you count from the moment the egg was put in granpas mouth to a moment
when michael crushes it’s 11secs

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