Ana Pascal: Oh, get bent, TAXMAN!

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Best scene… ——————————————————————————– Ana Pascal: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! You miscreant! Harold C…


micah brew says:

I love this part. GET BENT, TAX MAAAAN!!!

Christopher Cantwell says:

Props to +Steve Zemanek for linking me to this :)

trinity690 says:

LOVE this part of the movie, want this audio as my ring tone on my phone!
🙂 I do agree with WCD73 though in having some pity for Harold.

WCD73 says:

I actually feel sorry for Harold Crick(Will Ferrell) being an IRS agent has
got to be the most depressing job ever.,Everybody hates him and he probably
doesn’t have that many friends to begin with..I would hate to be an IRS
agent too,no offense!! I would also be subject angry people telling me to
get bent..TAXMAN!! And people would hate me too…While they can be
annoying and a nuisance..There’s a part of me that actually feels sorry for
IRS agents!!

LeBadman says:

It’s funny how all the lowlife retards are saying boo (in the movie).

WAKEUP!!! says:

This is the funnies part of the movie! i love how the baker is sticking his
knife in Harold’s face as he boos hahaha

Asa Johnson says:

Boo!!! Taxman!!!

Eddie Wyatt says:

Love the homeless dude at 0:18 “Go home!!” lmao

aujeimune says:


Esta Fortaleza says:

i developed a crush on maggie gyllenhaal precisely at the moment i first
saw this scene

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