An Experiment in Spam Reduction

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I’ve already mentioned that I probably receive between 400-500 emails every day. This is about my wife’s email account.

She has her own work email, for work related email .. but she isn’t online much at home. I have almost 40 domains now .. and I gave her a few email addresses over the time and last 5 years ..and basically 4 of them still exist today on two domains.

Really, she never uses them – all except one that is .. which is used as a registeration email for personal stuff like EA Games, Sims2 registrations, Addition Elle subscriptions and other certain subscriptions she chose to sign up with.

Well .. She’s been getting on average about 1000 emails per week. Not as much as me, but almost 99% of it is spam. The email accounts that I had set up for my wife, were with little hard drive space on my server, because she never uses it. She may see what she has been receiving – but, only when something came up and she was in her email. This could be if she forgot her password or userid somewhere online, or have to click on a link to activate a subscription.

Well .. with the almost 40 domains that I have .. I have decided to create a NEW email on one of the other domains … and delete the current 4 email addresses that exist. I did that today .. September 16, 2006.

Then .. on October 1, 2006 .. I plan to REINSTATE these 4 email addresses and see what happens.

* Will the spam continue?
* Will some of the span just stop and give up?

Tune in next month .. same BAT time .. same BAT channel .. and find out~

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