An “EXCEL SPREADSHEET” Template to Recap Your 2006 Invoicing

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While I am very ‘computerized’ in my own business, I still type invoices manually on MS Word, even though I can generate them automatically. I prefer to do that this way, because my invoices look better printed on a colour letterhead of my own making. I then post the invoice into my Time and Billing (T&B) Software program, which keeps track of both my work in progress and accounts receivable. I don’t bother entering my invoices individually into my General Ledger program (which, I usually wait until the last possible minute during Income Tax time – “clients first”), but rather I just enter a recap generated by the T&B program.

Since 2003, I’ve only been averaging around 100 invoices during the year. I don’t have to be a rocket science to figure out how I’m doing, but it’s nice to have a little recap of my progress. Hence, I created a little excel spreadsheet to recap my invoices.

Here is my excel spreadsheet. It’s not that complicated. You recap your invoices in it. You can also use the spreadsheet to keep track of your invoices by month, and then at the end of the columns (you can’t see it in the picture below) you can keep track of which invoices are still unpaid, and allocate the billings into categories.

You are welcome to take this template and use it for your own purposes. You are also free to pass it along (because it’s not that big of a deal), although I hope that you remember where you got the idea and give me credit 😀 Maybe stroke my EGO here, and give me a blog comment to let me know that you have taken this template of mention it somewhere on your blog.

I am currently using Microsoft Excel for Windows 95, version 7.0 as my preferred spreadsheet program and version. You can change the text of anything I use to suit your own needs .. it is just a guideline.

HART’s 2006-INVOICING RECAP ON EXCEL —> OPEN to view, SAVE to Disk ..

Take care.


Elliot says:

where to download excel add-ins?
I don't have the microsoft office disks to install this function.
Have tried searching on Microsoft online website but in vain.
Thanks a million.

Hi Elliot .. long time no reply .. // sorry about that – I just rescued this from the Moderation cue for some reason //

Have you tried this site:

Also – I use Excel v7.0 and a lot of clients send me stuff from higher versions, which doesn’t read well. I just downloaded version of excel (“Cald”) .. and it works great and loads things up and can even make changes, without using the Viewer.

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