Amusing Videos Forwarded into my Email (F-N)

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Ok! These are videos that were emailed to me and I now CLEAN THE CLUTTER from my harddrive and place them all here in my “Amusing Stuff” category.

I suppose it’s okay to post these video files in my blog, as people were nice enough to FORWARD them to me! Some of them are cute! Some of the are interesting! Some of the them are silly! Some of them are X-RATED or OFFENSIVE (although, none of them are sexually explicity) and MAY include SWEARING … so, you might want to wait until the children are out of the room 🙂 .. I have removed all files that I consider offensive (that promotes violence, cruelty to animals, hate, racism, etc etc. ) although some that I may consider NON-offensive .. might be consider PRO-offensive. I will say it now and in advance .. Go Away! Don’t Click these videos! ** Reader Beware ** (Was that a sufficient disclaimer?)

PLEASE NOTE: Some Idiots May Have Been Harmed In The Making Of Some Of These Videos!~


Click on the link and wait for the video to load in your default viewer. The first one’s on me! If you want to watch it again, please just RIGHT-CLICK + SAVE-AS + save to your own hard drive. You may link back to this page, but not to individual files on this site. Please! I do not want to exceed my bandwidth… // Thank-you!


UPDATE: January 30, 2006
I have moved all the above videos today – from the server to server


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