Amusing Macromedia Shockwave/Flash Links in HART’s Email

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Ok! These are cool and archived in my “Amusing Stuff” category.

I suppose it’s okay to link these “.swf” files in my blog, as people were nice enough to FORWARD them to me! Some of them are cute! Some of the are interesting! Some of the them are silly! Some of them are X-RATED or OFFENSIVE (although, none of them are sexually explicity) and MAY include SWEARING … so, you might want to wait until the children are out of the room 🙂

** Reader Beware **

You probably have seen most of these … a lot of the links in my emails were found to be dead links … so I suppose that the ones below are kind of current. If I receive any more, I will just add it to the list below.


Click on the link and follow directions. If you are bored of the Flash show you are watching, hitting the BACK key to come back to this page!


Take care.

Organized by date received: OLDEST first, NEWEST last (adult)


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