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Something interesting happened this weekend, and I thought I would document it.

As you know, I have the blog site 1-800-HART’s Picks where I have joined companies as an affiliate, then I surf their sites for products that even HART would buy (if I had the money) .. then I post them in the blog. In WordPress, there is a plugin called wp-amazon and even another one out there, that makes this quite easy to do.

You see – in my options area, I insert my Amazon affiliate-ID and then there is a button here in my area where I can search for any amazon product and post the link. For example, looking for an XBOX 360 game..

* I can create a link:
Quake 4 (Xbox 360): Prima Official Game Guide

* I can create a link with a small image:
Quake 4 (Xbox 360): Prima Official Game Guide

* I can create a link with a medium image
Quake 4 (Xbox 360): Prima Official Game Guide

* I can create a link with a large image
Quake 4 (Xbox 360): Prima Official Game Guide


I post the link with/without the image that directs you to a page at AMAZON.COM .. For the next periodic interval, if you buy this or any other products as a direct result of clicking my link above – I will receive a very slightly and small commission for my service of directing to AMAZON.COM


Amazon is great! My wife and I have purchased from Amazon before and are not only happy with their service, their quality and speed of delivery .. their prices are pretty good too! If you purchase an item over a certain limit .. shipping is free! So, there were many products and gifts that my wife wanted to purchase for her nieces .. (I can’t tell you what they are – because they might be reading this!) Anyway – I created some links to AMAZON.COM products, my wife clicked on my links, BOUGHT the items plus a handful of other items at the same time to get free shipping, and paid it on her credit card. That was on a weekend.

Last monday I looked at the statistics for Amazon to see how much I made on commission – Nothing was there.

There was not even a record of the clicking! Not a record of the order! Not a record of the shipping! All of this being strange to me, because according to Amazon and her account, it shows that the goods have been shipped. So where is my commissions?

BETTER YET?? Where are all of my commissions? I have not yet received any commissions from from my efforts at my 1-800-HART’s Picks blog … when I posted at least 70 items so far. Listen – I’m not naive .. I know my SEO and all that sucks. My traffic sucks. My promotion of this blog sucks. Everything I try to do generally sucks. But surely .. you would think that there might be something? Maybe 1 sale? I do get a lot of purchases at my Online Store for Papillon books and Papillon Watches (okay, I’ve earned $16.45 in two years on sales – maybe not ‘a lot’)

Am I missing on Amazon Commissions?


* I am an associate of AMAZON.COM
* I posted a link to a product on AMAZON.COM
* My wife clicked on the link to AMAZON.COM
* My wife bought the product linked to AMAZON.COM
* My wife signed in – and it defaulted to her account at AMAZON.CA
* AMAZON.CA took over this order and shipped the sale
* I am NOT an associate of AMAZON.CA

C’mon ….. is that fair?

AMAZON.COM did recommend something ..

We now have five international web sites besides in the UK, in Germany, in France, in Canada, and in Japan are running their own
Associates Programs at this time.

If you wish to provide links for viewers to our sister sites, you
may view the details for each program by visiting the addresses

==================================== Associates Program Associates Program Associates Program Associates Program Associates Program


You will have to apply for each program individually. Everyone is
welcome to shop from any of our sites, but there may be unique
advantages to each.

Please keep in mind that all e-mail correspondence will be answered
in the language of that country.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have future
questions or comments, and thanks for your continued interest in the
Associates Program.

Best regards, Associates Program

So now I am an affiliate of both AMAZON.COM and AMAZON.CA .. what should I do? Post a link to both? Just post AMAZON.COM product links? Just post AMAZON.CA Links?



Ben says:

I have recently had the same problem. I provide Amazon users (from all regions) with a way to display their wishlist on their blog or homepage, see below:

I presumed that the associate ID was global. I was mistaken! I have now had to sign up to every Amazon website as an associate and I have to tag on the correct associate ID depending on which region the customer is in. In my opinion it is completely daft and it is not made obvious when you apply.

Anyway, let’s hope Amazon “globalise” their software soon!

I can’t support the Japanese website, because I can’t figure out how to sign up as an associate!


HART says:

Hi Ben .. “DAFT” indeed! I have since signed up to be an associate for the Canada and The UK Amazon .. but I’m still at odds how to get this into my blog. For instance, at I have started a new category, and guess I will just have to have separate posts or duplicate entries … I certainly do not want to get into the mode of actually mentioning .. This is “For Canadians Only” “For Americans Only” or “For U.K. Only” or something … It should be global. WE ARE PROMOTING AMAZON …

Meanwhile, that is an interesting script you have on your page. I will have to go create a Wishlist code and learn about that! 🙂

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