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I have recently included a new form of advertising here on 1-800-HART Blog – AcruxAds. These are the banners in my “Featuring” section in the left sidebar and shown in this image on the right. I will be including this feature on several other blogs as well, including all my sites in the and domains.

Why You Should Advertise On My Blog

(1) Lower Advertising Cost

I get a bigger piece of the pie, because basically you are dealing with me now. This just means that rather than sharing revenues with a 3rd party (usually 50/50) I pretty much get all the revenue generated – less a handling fee from Acruxads. This allows me to offer CHEAPER banner advertising prices and pass along the savings to you. And, I get about the same amount of money so I’m happy too 🙂

(2) It’s REALLY Easy To Create A Flyer Or Advertisement

Advertisers can easily create a “Flyer” in less than 5 minutes, or upload your own 125×125 banner. A “flyer” is basically where you can create your own banner for anything you want to say (but, please keep it G-Rated!). And, you can upload up a different size banner – then RESIZE IT .. add text above or below the resized image .. and have a combo flyer/banner for special promotions! Imagine your logo with a special announcement every week – or every day – without actually having to create all these new banners that will only be obsolete next week. It’s up to you .. as long as it fits in these 125x125px spots! Just click on one of the available images to set up your ad.

(3) You Choose Your Sponsorship Term

Advertise as long as you want! Or as little as you want! I have set all my ads to be available on a DAILY RATE. Want to advertise just one day? You can! Want to advertise for 30 days? You can! Want to advertiser for 17 days? You can! Just select the number of days you want to advertise on my site, pay (via paypal), and your ad will appear in the next 24 hours.

For the rest of 2008 .. I have set all of my Banner Advertising slots to be $1.00 USD per day. In 2009 all rates will be going up (unless locked in BEFORE 2009) but, there will be coupon discounts offered in 2009 for longer terms.

And, as always .. I know it’s hard out there trying to figure out where to spend your advertising dollars .. and well .. THANKS for considering 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T and the HART-Empire Network


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