Advertising Appreciation: November 2006

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I have been posting around the week of the 10th of each month a “THANK-YOU” post, like this one, to all the advertisers from the previous month listed as at month end. That’s a permanent link in this blog, under the category heading which I call .. “Sponsor Appreciation”. I know it’s hard out there trying to figure out where to spend your advertising dollars .. and well .. THANKS for considering 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T.

You may now advertise on this site in the form of Text Link Ads. I should note that the link in the previous sentence is an affiliate link, and if you do sign up for the first time through this link, I may earn a small commission. I should also note that if you are a new client, you can receive $100.00 worth of FREE Text Link Ads by entering “starting kit” into the promotion code at their checkout. That means you can basically spend maybe $125 worth of advertising this month – and only pay $25! (You don’t have to spend it here – don’t worry!)

But if you do want to spend it here .. I am currently offering ten (10) spots for text link ads per month, and they will appear on every page in our sidebar, under the SPONSORS section. At this moment, there are two (2) available spots.

In addition to the text-link-ads directly in our sidebar, I now offer FEEDVERTISING, which is like having text-link-ads appear directly on the RSS Feed, at the bottom. Up to 6 links are rotated and individually appear on the feed, one at a time in the readers’ RSS Feed reader only, however I am using a few to promote internal network links. As with text-link ads, each advertiser at month-end will appear in my monthly sponsor appreciation post, like this one, and earn a permanent link in this blog.

I am also offering Banner Link ads with Performancing Partners, if interested. Images should be exactly 125px by 125px and under 21kb with no animated frames. As with the text link sponsors, advertisers as at month-end date will be included in a similar post like this one and earn a permanent link in this blog.

Our site is currently available for Text-Link-Ads and Feedvertising at this URL

Our site is currently available at Performancing Partners at this URL

Please Support Our Sponsors From November 2006

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Thank-You Sponsors!


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