Advertiser Appreciation: February 2007

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I have been posting around the week of the 10th of each month a “THANK-YOU” post, like this one, to all the advertisers from the previous month listed as at month end. That’s a permanent link in this blog, under the category heading which I call .. ‘Sponsor Appreciation’. I know it’s hard out there trying to figure out where to spend your advertising dollars .. and well .. THANKS for considering 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-T.

I have compiled a new advertising page for the HART-Empire Network of sites for your perusal.

Please Support Our Sponsors From February 2007

Gifts For Mom

Federal Defense Attorney

Refinance Mortgage Choice

Annuity Quote

Home Office Furniture

Timetracking Software Online

Tax Refund

Credit Cards

Public Liability Insurance

Interviewing Interesting Bloggers

T D Hedengren’s Blog

All things MMORPG

Everything Xbox Live Arcade

Thank-You Sponsors!


Hi Stephen. The 10th is my mental deadline for doing this. On the end of the month, in my AZZCARDFILE (where I keep track of my sponsors) I write down exactly who everybody is and where they are advertising. Then, also in my AZZCARDFILE I have a template for each of my blogs that I update to include the sponsors that were on the blog on the last day of each month.

But, usually there is a slowdown towards the end of the month because I’m busy as heck with month-ends, and other compliance deadlines. So, the first few days of each month is basically catching up with the normal blogging and seeing what’s out there in the blogosphere before I get around to posting these “Thank-Yous”.

Also, I am doing this on all of my 30’ish blogs so I try to do this when I have a block of time that helps me speed up the process by doing all at the same time (copy/paste) .. it is time consuming, and I need a block of time. I suppose I could just do a few here each day but, this way – I’m assuring myself that I don’t forget anybody and any site.

And, also assuring that sponsors DO get another permanent link in my blog if they advertise on my site!

PS: Actually, they get a permanent link on 3 blogs. This blog is also aggregated on and domain feeds.

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