Advance Warning – This Site Will Be Down For Maintenance Sunday December 3, 2006 Sometime For At Least An Hour

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hehe ..

I was going to put EVERYTHING in that loooooong title .. but even HART has his limits!

I’ve decided that tomorrow I will be upgrading this blog from wordpress version 1.5.2. directly to the latest version 2.0.5 .. in one step. This entails me to make all the necessary backups (as I’ve documented both here and on HART-Empire Network blogs) of both my files and MySQL databases .. as well as upgrade all existing plugins that are installed and obtaining the latest versions of them .. and making sure they are even compatible!

So – if you see some wordpress errors .. I hope you know that it is only temporary – and request you try back again a few hours later. Or, you can just stay on the page and keep clicking REFRESH often over and over!

Chances are, that any downtimes will not be long. Upgrade takes more time in the background making the backups .. then it does to actually upgrade. The downtime will come after I upgrade each plugin and activate it one at a time to see if it affects anything. If I get an error, I deactivate it immediately and try to figure out why.

MEANWHILE .. A Shout Out ..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY “B” celebrating your 16th Birthday!

I’ll have to pick up some large dice for your new car’s rear view mirror .. or maybe those annoying spinning mini disco mirror balls 🙂


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