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I previously wrote back in August 2006 …

Hey Other Adsense Users!

Found a nifty little software utility today … (from catching up on my unread Blogline feeds and a heads up from Dominic Foster’s Accidental Entrepreneur blog).

It’s called: AdSenseLOG – from Metalgrass Software.

“a tool for checking and analyzing your Adsense ads data (Content, Search, Custom/URL channels and Referrals). This tool is aimed at site owners who use Adsense in their sites.

Previously, when I first tried it .. I downloaded their version 3.0.4 .. and the pricing structure was as follows:

AdSenseLog comes in three flavors: Free, Basic & Pro. All versions supports all features…

Free: For users who earn less than 50$ a month
Basic: For users who earn less than 250$ a month. The basic version costs 20$
Pro: Unlimited version. Costs 50$

When you download AdSenseLog, you can enjoy a 30-days trial of the pro version. After 30 days AdSenseLog will turn into the Free version.

Today I receive an email from Ron Mertens, from Metalgrass software


Hello, my name is Ron Mertens, from Metalgrass software.

I just stumbled across your blog entry about our AdSenseLog software. I’m happy you find it was a good software. I wanted to say thanks, first of all. And I also wanted to say that we released a new version (4.0.0) which has a completely new interface and many new features. It’s a lot better…

We have simplified our pricing model, too (Free up to 50$ monthly, and 50$ for the registered unlimited version).

I hope you’ll be able to get better revenue from AdSense in the future. We have just started a blog from Metalgrass, and one of its aims is to give AdSense advice. I think you’ll find the first advice valuable, using AdLink units –


So I downloaded this new version …

So .. I downloaded the latest version 4.0.2 and have been looking at it this morning.

It’s STILL neat-o!

It has lots of familiar screens of data and cool graphs like .. this one .. which is like a graph of my impressions since the beginning of the year or something or other .. (it looks pretty anyway) .. plus I don’t have to always login to my adsense account!

Okay .. so what do I really think about this product?

I believe I will let Ron Mertens finish up this post in his email back to me ..

Anyway, about AdSenseLog – the new version is a complete redesign, so it’s better looking then before. Now you’ll have to purchase because the free limit is 50$… Many people find that the data and analysis in AdSenseLog helps them to maximize their profits, and enhance their AdSense account. It’s not just about pretty graph. But enough sales pitch… You can use the trial for 30 days, that’s something…

* Check out the MetalGrass Naturally Software Blog if you are interested in this type of stuff ..


PS … this was NOT a sponsored post! And too bad, too .. because then I could have used some proceeds to get some registration code~ Oh well.


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