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Today I have added two items to this blog.

(1) A picture of me . Yes, that is my picture over there on the right side of the screen. A few days ago, I added miniature versions of this picture at the top of each page as End Bookmarks between the “hot link” buttons. And, in case you were interested, it is the same December 1996 Passport photo found on my website with a few modifications that I did on Adobe Photoshop … as follows:

  • I really do not have green hair, although if I did, I sure would like that shade of green
  • Rather than having RedEye all the time, I figured I would have a GREEN eye to match my hair, and RED pupils! Aha!
  • If you look closely, the name HART is etched out on my forehead… don’t ask!
  • And finally, my head is pasted over some business suit, probably a Moore’s advertisement
  • (2) I have added a “Random Category” button. If you click it, you will be taken to the archive pages for a random category, as displayed along the right sidebar. If there are categories that have no entries in them, the button will move to the center page…. so ….

    C ‘mon! surf the HART way!

    Take care.


    HART says:

    PS: With the Randomizer button, (F.Y.I.) The reason you might be getting the 404 Error page during several attempts, is that I have included categories that will contain future HART’s Bookmarks and content, that as of today, I have yet to add … These are the categories with no entries … Nothing is broken! Just click the Randomizer button below the “HIT ME” search button.


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