Accounting Songs

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Is a Accounting songs~


Duke Magus says:

You, my good sir, deserves a medal

yverodagny says:

@wojtek0000 lol only 9$ i get 10 50 as minimum

AtomicHercules says:

@ThingsToMakeAnDo well he succeeded in bring humor to it cause I laughed my
fucking ass off at him looking like a complete dipshit. I’ll debit my lolz
and credit his pride.

TheHeartfullofmusic says:

Make a song that called I hate accounting and that it should not be part of
a marketing program , since marketers go into marketing to get away from

TC78obsessed says:

get a good pint o’ gin and raise yer glasses to school, cause ye make just
as much of an ass of ya self as goin’ to the bar cause accounting makes ye
a fool

k0nina says:

lyrics? 😛

Mass Rajjas says:

Cool Teacher. he tried so hard to make his students enjoy the class, yet
they don’t seem appreciative. Thx for the video!

Ryan Adhyatma says:

Cool teacher…. like it 😀 request a song about FIFO – LIFO please…. 😀

holyshitsnacks says:

Singing teacher or not, accounting sucks.

Mary Claire says:

Can you make a song about the full coverage of Corporation?

str8updesi1 says:

u should change ur major if u dont love accounting because its something u
will be doing for the rest so man up and learn to love it im trying too

baziheidi says:

Thank you very much for sweetening regularly our monday mornings:)
accounting, monday, 8 a.m.!!!

ahmad ali says:

What are u like man

floopy312 says:

omfg loooool…. i want to go to that lectures!

Svtuition says:

Great way of teaching accounting . I appreciate to you and also I like your
this Video . This is very enjoyable way of providing accounting education .
Thanks for uploading and singing accounting song . I also love accounting
Again thanks . I will wait your next accounting song .

kirderf says:

that is just rediculisy funny:D

makeiteasyable says:


Jones J says:

Insane lol. Oh Jesus, he should try contemporary music, like rock.

daniel121212121212 says:

There’s nothing more cool than accounting… Trust me!

aldsak says:

Great ! but I need the lyrics , plz !!

James Nicholson says:

that was terriffic! where can i get a copy of the lyrics? the sound was
just a little too muted.

adelle0001 says:

haha! nice song!

abdul kayium says:

We love accounting

bob says:

cool song, but it definitely drags on…

philonaut says:


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