Accounting Basics Lesson 3.1: How Does Double-Entry Accounting Work, What are Debits and Credits

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Close In this tutorial, Daniel Dickson answers the following questions: How does Double-Entry Accounting Work? What is an accounti…


James Pettaway says:

Thanks for making video.I’m a accounting major and my 1st accounting class
is coming up soon.

Jasany Johnson says:

So question ….I know debits and credits are base off of Latin new but is
it some as if money was taken out in left and deposited on the right if I’m

sweetsavvywally says:

Hi thanks for posting these videos, I am taking my 1st accounting class
online, its like gibberish. 

Violet Lall says:

Hi thanks , really helpful

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about accounting. A lot of people who pursue accounting often get intimated
by the sheer magnitude of numbers in it. But the truth is that with
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giogros says:

wow u are suck a dick son

marj faith says:

you my friend are awesome..keep them coming they are really helpful

n7router says:

I am confused, if 50 dollar left the cash strong box it is a debit, why is
it then on the right?

DeLois Hill says:

I really appreciate your Accounting knowledge. It is really helpful

Diwakar Singh says:

Dear Freind
I like your video. It is really great thing.I have some confusion in
account parts but now i feel it nice. thank-you!
with regard
Diwakar Singh

Jenna Krywick says:

Hello, I am in an entry level accounting course and my instructor very
briefly touched on this important topic. Thank you so much for breaking it

Ruby S says:

Thank You Daniel. This vidéo is excellent. I learn a lot. 

actionvolunteers says:

I lost my accounting notes from 20 years ago. I spent hours looking for
them……I had a mental block with accounting but that teacher got me over
it so I was mortified that I could not find them …..The search is
over…Now I feel like I am in heaven!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!

Ahamudul Kabir says:

Thats Really Awesome lecture……helps a lot sir….

Christopher Beard says:

Thanks Daniel, I’m putting our bands finances in order and this was a
helpful start.

Pasan Arunajith says:

OMG thank you so much.. I watched whole lot of videos about accounting but
this is the one which taught me something really.

Jon Geronimo says:

Thank you!!! I’m taking a class online and this video definitely came in
handy explaining the concept.

Sajjad Ali says:

Daniel! your lectures are awesome. i am from Pakistan. i am engineering
technologist, and now i am studying accounts. your videos help me lot.
Thank u so much 

Gabe Lopez says:

Great instructor!

Taryn Emma Crosbie says:

I’m taking a class in bookkeeping and this really helped me along. Thank
you so much!

Disha Vora says:

Great! Thanks a lot for all these videos :)

anthony henry says:

great tutorials, I am currently at university studying a foundation year in
accounting. These video’s are great for beginners like me. Subscribed to
your channel, I look forward to watching more of these videos. thanks

Cameron Uzoka says:

Thanks alot i was behind with my accounting work and this video really
simplified this concept. Thanks alot Daniel

Muhammad Saeed says:

Great approach your videos r really helpful, thanks

William W says:

What about my paycheque deposit into my chequing account? What other
account would I credit?

mememememe says:

Thank you so much! This is wonderful.

Bill Harris says:

Thank you Daniel. I’m taking my first accounting class and your video was
very helpful. I needed to better understand this one concept and when I
asked my instructor to explain, his answer was to “read the Principles of
Accounting”, which for me was like saying why don’t you go hunting for
flies with an elephant gun.

dwedegw says:

thank you for this video.. you are helping students who are having troubles
in accounting 🙂

ginog77g says:

This is right on time. Just starting in accounting and I was totally
confused by the textbook’s explanation of double-entry accounting. I will
definitely be watching this whole series. Thanks!!!

Ali Mohammad says:

Great tutorials… Appreciate every bits of information you have talked

Ray Francis says:

Great lesson thanks, really easy to follow.

AmyTang2013 says:

good video. Thank you.

Marisa Renaud says:

And… you cover this in the next video. Ha, sorry!

Blaze-Yann Manion says:

Really good informative videos. I’m about to start studying finance and
accounting at uni and this is extremely useful

Sandra Rivera says:

Great video.

missmimipr says:

u are awesome

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