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Great clip from Monty Python. “Hey… someone just fell past that window.” “Hmmmm?” “I’m telling you, 2… 3 people just fell past that window.”


Fabian Burud says:

sorry mate wrong video. This video got nothing to do with religion

threerivers15221 says:

This is stupid…

Chimerism101 says:

The Colonel disliked this for being silly.

VipMss says:


Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved – Ask Jesus Christ to save you, ask Jesus Christ to bless you ! Glory to JESUS CHRIST

ozzyman75 says:

old fashioned Calculator

Davis Smith says:


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Лада Выгоняйло says:

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Jesse Lee says:

Is that machine suppose to be a calculator or a type writer?

ozinvesta says:

blessed be the bean counters!!

DerekBayRoberts1 says:

this would be the movie “The Happening” if it were in England.

Lithoxene says:

Eric Idle: “Two—THREE people have just fallen past that window!”
John Cleese: “Hm. Must be a board meeting.”

Izayoiaki24 says:

What is it with these guys and accountants?

SStoge21 says:


Sduibek says:

What, British white people? Jumpers?

Overfiend002 says:

if you were an accountant in monty python’s world, you’d want to off yourself too

makeiteasyable says:


anythingnew says:

The humor is too smart for me to understand….

AccountantsSydney says:

John Cleece and the Monty Python clan are absolute geniuses…Blessed be the bean counters.

adelle0001 says:

i want to be an accountant!

MypescpeTV says:

hahaha love it

Alexander Ash says:

cool stuff but we do it better

AnimeFanatic5602 says:

That was the one person who hit dislike.

Warren Davies says:

@ttam not the scene but pretty amusing. Blessed be the bean counters… Vale Wilkins

triggerhappy097 says:

hooah!!! :)

Vedant Pandey says:

Rule the tube 2010 — CAuse you CA
Paste and watch this video, you will want to become an accountant

wolflover552 says:

BF2 mine XD

ApelAndy says:

look 2 people, 3 people have just fallen past that window!

Asian Star says:


superjus95 says:

LOL, not a single thumbs down:P

ilcool90 says:

Will be soon real life thanks to the Greek, Portuguese and Spanish lazy assholes

Martin Schmidt says:

Come on, Parky!

xzaz2 says:

hahahah thats funny.. o no it isn’t…

invincableabramstank says:

go fall out of an office window.

CyanideCornelo says:

I have worked all my life and never-WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

j43ms says:

he fall down


xzaz2 says:

I never knew why this is funny. I just don’t… monty python isn’t funny…

Chips says:

this is one of my favourite python sketches

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