Accountants Song

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Its about time that we pay respect to all the hard working number-crunchers out there.


abcdanielle92 says:

That’s not how I imagined myself in 4 years xD

JediGuardianMaster says:

This could work as a great ringtone or something. After all, I’m essentially a CPA already. Just waiting for the Board this October. :))

mrski2218 says:

Not good

Mary Claire says:

Can you make a song about the full coverage of Corporation?

Nerd Enterprises, Inc. says:

I can’t decide if I love this or hate this 😛

mfjago2912 says:

Thanks guys! Every week each a different department has to do a food & drinks evening and a present what they do to they do to the rest of the company . So we played your video and evening so far!

Peter Tselempis says:

Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> <<

Bich Van says:

is it changed in to vietnamese?

Maddux Tamu says:

well its about god dam time…

Joseph Nieroski says:

Who do they think they are fooling? These guys aren’t CPA’s, they’re CFP’s!!!
How can I tell? They lack the “gravitas” of accountants…
Besides, accountants don’t have time for breakfast — that was the biggest giveaway.

Susana says:

This is actually fniascating, You’re a very skilled doodlekit. Ive became a member of your own feed and look forward to looking for much more of your own wonderful post. Additionally, Ive discussed your website during my internet sites!

Prosper Riziki says:

i like to accountant

Molari says:

Awesome. Favourited.

The music is epic, did you guys make it? Or is it a track.

Caroline Oldroyd says:

I want to be an accountant now. 8-B

Lucinda Molzan says:

Actually…I’m an accountant and I do use a mac.

Sofe says:

Dear Megan,Good for you to be on top of your finances. The only area that I seem to be fibmlung with are my business finances. This being my first year selling, I find if it weren’t for my quarterly sales tax reports that I must submit to our government here in Canada, I would just ignore the chore until year end.. and we all know what that does to our sanity! I pretty much operate my business solo & I find it hard to keep on top of everything. My book keeping sit way back there in the trunk of my caravan.. I completely agree that the information gained from up to date financial data is by far one of the most crucial elements to running a profitable business. I am looking for someone to do this chore for me.. and to supply pie charts, profit/loss statements.. I love looking at all this information as it is invaluable.. But I have come to the conclusion that I need to hire someone to tabulate things for me, as this is the only way I will get it done. How often do you sit down to crunch the numbers and how much time do you spend entering data every week/ month? Anne

Flipsxz says:

Bookkeeping is something that I tend to put off, aluohtgh I know it’s important. I need to either take a course in bookkeeping or hire a bookkeeper.But what has got me concerned and puzzled at the moment is the fluctuation of the conversion rates. I sell mostly in the US, so in USdollars, but I live in a euro country. I had raised my prices a few months back, based on the euro, then converted into dollars, but now the dollar has plunged again, and my profits have taken a blow. If I went strictly with the rates, I would be changing my prices very often. At the moment, a dollar is worth only 0.71 euros! Anyway, this adds an extra challenge to bookkeeping, as profits and costs must be converted according to the conversion rate at the time of the transaction.I’d love to hear any suggestions or tips from other euro sellers.

Mayra Sanchez says:

BEST song dedicated to us Accountants I have ever heard!
“I practice Accountancy, it’s a reality. It’s a physicality of my professionality. Analyze the fiscal growth of clients and investors, and I didn’t even bring my pocket protector.”
Absolutely LOVE!

CPAnet dotcom says:

good stuff!

Sourabh says:

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Matheus says:

Although this was conceived berfoe the accident I still think it was completely insensitive to run it after what happened. I am actually offended by this ad. Hard to say what my feelings would be had the accident not happened, but regardless they should have shown some sensitivity in the matter.

Cancel says:

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DiamondRingTheory says:

hahahaha lol :)

DavidoBambino says:

nice work dude- entertaining!

Ruben says:

You had it easy :-)I wrote the Information Systems curriculum in 1997; it’s paobrbly undergone some changes since then and more than one change of staff. Leonard Greenland took over from me when I left in 1998. My house was 64 Madang.1997 I think I taught 30 hours a week along with Peter and Mayssa. Then Jimmy Kannibau and Agnes Kapipi came back from their overseas studies and Leonard came back for another stint after returning from Kiribati.Good times. Your articles and photos have brought back so many memories. Thank you.Best Regards,Stu FlemingHead, Information Systems (1996-1998)

Eninaj says:

I submit to you that as long as we have brihgt young people like Sean Fanning or Linus Torvalds that are able to build amazing software with little or no formal education (and no guild status), we won’t get to the vision of craft you espouse above. The only way to get those people to stop writing code is to, say, make writing commercial something like law or medicine and require a bar exam’ and advanced degree.In my mind, that would be a tradegy. So I’m for a middle ground we all the non-craftsmen to ply the trade, and every now and again they hit one out of the park. For al the rest, the employers that wanted to scrimp on cost, for the most point, deserve what they get and the true craftspeople enjoy reputation benefits that lead to employment.I’m not completely happy with that, but I like it more than licensure. I’m open to other options. heusser

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