Accountants and Engineers: Social Differences and Similarities

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Tongue-in-cheek view of how accountants and engineers differ. Uses dry humor to illustrate.


Roger McHaney says:
Payodhi says:

Nicely done, Emily! These should be a potesr on the wall in most, if not all, Marketing Departments.[] Reply:June 25th, 2012 at 3:15 pmThanks, Tom. High praise, indeed.[]

Corina says:

Hilarious! this made my day thanks Helen For years I have been sold to, gdeoad, niggled and annoyed by vendors of such wrote products – now I have the perfect answer for getting rid of them! (because the fact we are a MANAGEMENT accounting firm doesn’t seem to deter them from trying to sell us content that is an utter mismatch for our business)

Tiago says:

Thkinnig like that shows an expert’s touch

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