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I do many things. I think if I were to write something in this “About Page”, it might be to promote one aspect of my business. So, here goes!

* I am looking for clients that can provide me recaps or posting sheet summaries of their transactions during the month (cheques issued, sales, etc) and provide periodic lists of balances (month-end receivable list, payables list, etc) and fax to me – or email as an attachment – the occassional documents (bank statements, etc) that I need. Documents may be sent via mail, parcel post or other means to me.

* For Canadian companies, I will prepare monthly financial statements and mail them to you each month (returning any documents that you may have provided me). There may be other services you need, or do not need, but if you need to file corporation income tax returns – I will do that, in addition to any personal tax planning issues that may be required. I could also just prepare these monthly statements as an alternative to hiring a part-time or full-time bookkeeper, and provide to your own accountant unadjusted figures at the end of the year so he/she can finalize your year end and income tax requirements.

* For USA companies, I am only offering monthly financial statement preparation and not offering income tax preparation. I would provide to your own CPA or tax accountant the unadjusted figures at the end of the year so he/she can finalize your year end and income tax requirements.

If this type of thing interests you – please contact me .. hart (at) HBSMC (dot) com .. with your needs …

You may also fill out my questionaire on my website .. HBS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS


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Vinc says:

Your “subway stations in moscow” is a wonderful slideshow!
Please, could you tell me the title of the background song?
Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards

jamie says:

Hi there.
I work in film and rent a trailer and props to different film companies. I generally end up with a T4a, but have been told by Revenue Canada that if I can show that it is Rental Income I can report it more or less like Real Estate income. I am then able to deduct insurance and other costs of the trailer. I haven’t been able to find out what Class the trailer (8×16′ Utility Trailer) should be considered. Also, I obviously have to have a vehicle to tow the trailer, so that would be a class 30…
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Jamie
PS used to hit Winnipeg for the Manitoba Indoor Track Championships… so cold in February.

Class 30 is for unmanned spacecrafts purchased before 1990, at a rate of 40% 😀

It might be a good idea to talk to someone in the business side 1-800-959-5525 and ask. The CRA website is full of goodies and information, if you can find it. Maybe start here: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tg/t4002/t4002-e.html#P1517_144548

As for using your vehicle in a business, don’t forget you can only claim business use. e.g. just because you need a truck to move trailers, doesn’t mean you can deduct all the expenses for the truck. However, you can keep all the expenses and a mileage log and claim a ratio. It’s odd that CRA would recommend to you the “Rental” option. – sounds like a business income to me (T2125) and should be able to deduct normal expenses that is directly related to your earning income.

Don’t forget – don’t listen to free information on the internet (like here!) that affects you personally and financially. You should talk to your own accountant and income tax preparer and see what they say (DISCLAIMER)

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