Abacus Bookkeeping, LLC – How to set up a filing system for your invoices and receipts

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Learn how to set up a simple filing system for all those invoices and receipts.


Martha Richert says:

Thanks for this neat little tutorial…Helpful!

Kerry Postel says:

Yay – love ex-shoebox collectors!!! Thank you!!

Kerry Postel says:

Thanks Jennifer!! It was easier than I thought it would be!! They are easy
but only until you need to find a receipt!! LOL

Jennifer Herndon says:

Love you on video Kerry, you are very real and comfortable. Thanks for the
step-by-step walk-through here, I need it! Although those shoeboxes are so
easy ~ at the time!

Stacy Stevens says:

=) You’re welcome!

Kerry Postel says:

Thank you!!

Kerry Postel says:

Thank you!! I enjoyed doing the video more than I thought!!

Stacy Stevens says:

You’re so pretty! Thanks for sharing this video. I am an EX shoebox
collector! Love your system!

Lorii Abela says:

very nice kerry!

Carla Gardiner says:

Great tutorial for setting up a business filing system. You brought back
memories when showing the shoebox…that used to be my filing system.
However, more than 10 years ago I changed to your file box system…what a
difference. Great video and promotion for your business!

Kerry Postel says:

Ahh thank you. Hope it helps!

Kerry Postel says:

Thanks Carla!! So glad you have ditched the shoebox!!!

Alexandra McAllister says:

Beautiful video and so are you! :o) Great tips! Thank you for sharing!

Dawn Wilkerson says:

Oh my! After watching this I see that my bookkeeping organization is
TOTALLY lacking! You have inspired me, I am adding this to my to do list!
Thank you Kerry! You are too cute in this 🙂

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