A Week in the Life of a Accountant (YGOAS Spoof) (HD)

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*”Like” this if you watch Yu Gi Oh: The Abridged Series because, if you don’t understand the joke, don’t troll me! Thanks.

Anyways, Remember that episode of Spongebob when Spongebob discuss w/ prisoner Mrs. Puff about the outside world & this random fish shows up as a example of what is like outside of jail. Now his identity has been reveal. Enjoy!


Lakker94 says:

Bill was his name.

BokuGaOngaku says:

i cri evrytiem.

RFP93 says:

meaning of life in 1:06 sec

Devlin the periodic dominator says:

Coming to bed honey?

glitchez says:

This is a true representation of the American debt slave to society.

Privat says:

Why is he so sad? He get's IT every night…

Connor Wood says:

More love in this then Twilight 

Probably a box says:

What spongebob episode was this from

Kara Forrenz says:

1. It's public, but I can't name it, for internet reasons. Because internet.
2. We do both, mostly because we beat the rates of others in the area, and most of our clients have trouble doing the easy stuff on Excel. Because it isn't like working on Wall Street, it's arguably like doing Grade 9-12 Math most of the day, which isn't hard by most standards
3. Personally, it's at least 10-hour days 5/week, but I have such a great rapport with the clients, it doesn't feel like real work anymore. 🙂

Matt Schwartz says:

May I ask you some questions?

1. Do you work at a private or public firm?
2. Do you do audit, tax, or something else?
3. About how many hours/week do you work?

No problem if you don't want to answer any of them… :3

Amekaraa says:

Chad was in YGOTAS. The joke is also the Naruto spoof yadayadayada show with the name Bill.

Kara Forrenz says:

LOL Oh dear, no! Life and work is what you make it!
I love numbers and math, so it's very nice to be using it to help others who have a rough time with it. It can be boring, but only if you don't add some of yourself to your routine. The only "meh" part is that there are 13 years of age difference between the next-oldest member of our team, and I'm the youngest at 28, as well as the only girl, and have nobody who shares my general interests outside of the internet. But whatever. 🙂

gcHK47 says:

This is the reason why I want to join the Navy.

green amean says:

accounting is my major. is this really the life of an accountant in your opinion?

Cody Eggersman says:

This is probably the closest description of life that i have ever seen

50SPEEDX says:

what episode was this from?, I'm trying to remember

RedSkiesMusic says:

excellent Yugioh abridged reference at the end

Kara Forrenz says:

As a certified accountant, I can attest that is proper attire.

GeneralCane says:

How the fuck does he get in and out of his cubicle?

ltlwatcher says:

A week? That's our lives.

sigam0 says:

hah funny video… whats that song at the end?

Graham Jones says:

find an accountant in birmingham

Phantom Dragoon says:

so in conclusion:

Yugioh = Chad
Naruto = Bill
WWE = Bob
Spongebob = Kyle

Aikka says:

ESPECIALLY Chad from accounting!

RandyRobbo says:

i think it's bob, youtube bob from accounting and the commercial is where it comes from

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