A Tip For Bloggers Who Don’t Use Firefox

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This post is for bloggers and amateur web designers that keep fiddling their website design over and over and finally get it to look right – until … you are at your buddy’s place and decide to show off your blog or website, .. your buddy opens his/her copy of the Firefox browser and you wonder what the heck happened to your website!

First of all – I hate Firefox with great passion – please don’t ask me why or explain to me why I shouldn’t – I have my own reasons

Well .. I had the same problem with all of my blogs. I can’t say whether or not my design is perfect or not (the design will never be complete and is a living thing) … but to me – I keep fine tuning my design to a likeness that I am comfortable and enjoy loading up in my Internet Explorer browser. I mean – I am my own biggest fan and come here the most, right? ;-D

I have four different browsers installed on my computer strictly to see how my webpages look when I am finished with them. I prefer Internet Explorer and my screen settings are set to 1152 x 864 with color 32 bpp … I am using a Samsung SyncMaster 19″ monitor, by the way, and everything looks great on the internet with my Internet Explorer.

When I loaded up the Netscape browser, there were major problems in the design. I would even add, that it was borderline unreadable! OMG! People out there in the cyberspace couldn’t read what I had to say or click on my links … they couldn’t even see them! There was overlays, my “sidebar” looked like a “bottom-right bar”, the headers were certainly screwed up… it was quite a mess!

Fortunately, when I loaded Firefox, it looked the same … so I wasn’t worried! Why? Because after I started with my first blog on May 31, 2005 .. I was lucky enough to find a site that adds an extension utility to your
Firefox browser that could help you identify your problems.

HART’s Tip: If you don’t have Firefox installed on your system – get it …. even if you hate it!

Go to this website URL ….. http://www.karmatics.com/aardvark/ … download and install the “Aardvark” extension. Start the Firefox browser and surf to your own website. Then, Right-Click and “Start Aardvark” option. Immediately, you will see all of your designs broken down by “div” “p” “h1” “ul” “ol”, and whatever else you may have in your template design, as you move your mouse across the pages.

According to their website …..

Things You Can Do With Aardvark
Clean up unwanted banners and surrounding “fluff,” especially prior to printing a page
See how the page is created, block by block
View the source code of one or more elements

HART is the sole designer of all his own websites. Is HART a web designer? No. HART is an accountant (slash) consultant..

If something is not looking right, notice what the tag is being hilited that you want a change, load up your template (or stylesheet) and just do a simple top menu .. Edit/Find/[the problem tag] .. and play with it!

You will be surprised that you might have figured out your problem all by yourself, but even be more surprised at how good you feel after fixing your mess yourself! And, you can legitimately call yourself .. “A Web Designer”.

Your Welcome.

Take care.


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