A “T1 Transit Memo” For The Taking

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It’s tax time here and I have many ways to keep track of clients who come in and bring me their records and income tax information. I have to … I do a lot of Income Tax Preparation during the months of March and April and well, actually all the way through until June 15th – which in Canada, is the deadline for individuals with business income.

When I meet with a client, I try to take notes. For every client or group of clients (e.g. for head of house only) I start a new “T1-Transit Mem0”. This is my typing report. This is my guide to keeping track of the tax returns that need to be prepared, who to be billed, and a guide to what to bill based on my actual time spent plus an admin charge. I also note last years’ billed amount, as a reminder and to also watch for, in case I can deduct this in the client’s business.

You can click on it for a bigger view. You are also welcome to take this template and use it for your own purposes. You are also free to pass it along (because it’s not that big of a deal), although I hope that you remember where you got the idea and give me credit 😀 Maybe stroke my EGO here, and give me a blog comment to let me know that you have taken this template.

I am currently using Microsoft Word 2002 as my preferred document program for my templates and even my invoices. You can change the text of anything I use to suit your own needs .. it is just a guideline.

HART’s T1 TRANSIT MEMO REPORT —> OPEN to view, SAVE to Disk ..

After I prepare the tax returns, print and assemble and E-File them, this will be on the top of the client’s file. When I am going through my tax preparation season, I can open up any client file and see when I received the information, what I possibly was missing or of concern or an issue, and when I finalized the income tax return. It works for me.

Take care.


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