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I will be giving you the generalized version, but here is the thing with Canada Revenue Agency and if you owe Income Taxes: Unless you make less than you did in the following year .. you are required to remit at least the amount you owed in the previous year – in advance – as instalments for the current and future taxation year. If you end up owing MORE taxes next year, than you did last year .. you are only required to remit up to the amount you owed last year. If you end up owing LESS taxes next [More] for all HART’s Google Hangouts …. I seeemed to have received and also purchased lots of goodies that I wanted to share with the world .. however, only in the Google Hangout! These toys are mine!!
I was standing over the shoulder watching somebody add up some sport statistics … and I said … “Don’t forget to Cross-Foot it!” He looked at me like I was nuts .. It was then that I remembered that not everybody is familiar with HART’s Tickmark Terminology (okay .. did you look? That phrase is not part of ~ YET ~ but one day! Some day! lol) To familiarize yourself with HART’s Tickmark Terminology, I have replicated my favorite tickmarks and scanned them and provided a little example how I would use that tickmark. Now, I will elaborate further [More]
Basic Income Tax taught by Professor Lisa Cole, 15 parts.
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Difference between bookkeeping and accounting In this video you will able to know What is accounting? What is book keeping? ( book keeping is a part of accounting, it is first stage of accounting. Finding the financial transactions from the source documents and keeping a record of these transactions is called book keeping, While taking out final information from the recorded I transactions is accounting. Here I have explained the difference on the basis of Objective Time Function Final information Relationship Skills etc in a easy way For the students of 11th
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TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Preparation Course – Module Seven – Income – Part 5 – Schedule E, Depreciation, K-1
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Be careful what you wish for on Tax Deadline Eve.
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Emily Coltman, FCA does a live Google Hangout to answer questions about Bookkeeping Best Practices. Here are articles and pages mentioned in the Hangout: Fre… – Bookkeeping Tips For Small Business I have owned and managed five different business over a 30 year business career and always struggled with the accounting side of our business. In my video I provide one of the most important bookkeeping tips for small business you will come across. It is the key to my being able to understand the financial side of my business. If you don’t have a financial background like me then you will want to check out one of my favorite bookkeeping tips for small business. It is one of the main tools I use [More]
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