I will be giving you the generalized version, but here is the thing with Canada Revenue Agency and if you owe Income Taxes: Unless you make less than you did in the following year .. you are required to remit at least the amount you owed in the previous year – in advance – as instalments for the current and future taxation year. If you end up owing MORE taxes next year, than you did last year .. you are only required to remit up to the amount you owed last year. If you end up owing LESS taxes next [More]
http://1800HART.tv for all HART’s Google Hangouts …. http://gplus.to/1800HART I seeemed to have received and also purchased lots of goodies that I wanted to share with the world .. however, only in the Google Hangout! These toys are mine!!
I was standing over the shoulder watching somebody add up some sport statistics … and I said … “Don’t forget to Cross-Foot it!” He looked at me like I was nuts .. It was then that I remembered that not everybody is familiar with HART’s Tickmark Terminology (okay .. did you look? That phrase is not part of wikipedia.org ~ YET ~ but one day! Some day! lol) To familiarize yourself with HART’s Tickmark Terminology, I have replicated my favorite tickmarks and scanned them and provided a little example how I would use that tickmark. Now, I will elaborate further [More]
You can watch this all all of HART’s Hangouts on … http://1800HART.tv .. http://gplus.to/1800HART PS … yes! that was technical difficulties 6:48 to 19:34 ….. I accidentally clicked the mute button on the microphone while dickering around talking to myself, and never noticed. This is what you missed: 1) talking about how I keep track of my timesheets 2) showing my http://flickr.com/PetLvr account and my dogs! 3) While I was there I showed HART’s Famous Chili Recipe photos 😛
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Canadian Personal Income Taxes – DIY How to Prepare Do my own Canada T1 Personal Income Tax Return – Updated for spring 2018: Filing your 2017 T1 Tax Return [The Table of Contents below lets you jump to your form] This video is designed to walk the “Average Canadian” through the Income Tax forms from start to finish, using plain English. It covers all of the most common tax situations. It walks you through how to prepare the T1 General tax return and all of the forms and schedules. Canadian Personal Tax Walkthrough TABLE OF CONTENTS 00:00 Introduction 02:16 T1 [More]
Please read the Auditor General of Canada’s Fall 2017 reports. http://www.oag-bvg.gc.ca/internet/English/parl_oag_201711_e_42656.html
Hello Friends, Basic of Practice Set 4.3 Financial Planning Class 10th Maharashtra Board New Syllabus Part 5 In this video you will learn about IGST UGST SGST GST Interstate GST Intra GST ITC and questions based on gst, cgst,sgst,utgst,basic concepts etc this video is very important , if you want to learn the basic concepts you can learn by watching this video 1. What is GST? 2. What is CGST? 3. What is SGST? 4. Tax invoice issued 5. Trading Chain 6. What is Input Tax? 7. What is output Tax? 8. What is ITC? 9. What is GST Payable? [More]
Module 13 of the TaxSlayer Pro Basic Income Tax Course – this module discusses the various forms of withholding and estimated payments on a tax return
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How would you want your earthly possessions handled after you die? Well, it is a question we prefer to ignore, may be because death is never a welcome idea. …
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Actor Peter Dillon in Canada Revenue Agency commercial.
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QuickBooks Online 2017 Updates by Michelle Long, CPA – New Features
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Can someone just tell me the jist of the tax changes? This is what this video is about. There are of course many many changes but you might wonder about what the biggest ones are that will affect you without needing to do hours of research. I have summarized it for you to give you an idea and the tax changes are huge. There is no easy answer to see if you will get a lower or higher tax bill since the changes are so complex. There are certain things you CAN do to try to minimize your taxes with [More]
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