9. Quickbooks Online – Sales Tax Center

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Quickbooks Online – In this video we learn about QB Online Sales Tax Center, so we can correctly setup sales tax rates as well as pay for sales tax


George Russell says:

Hello. Your understanding of accounting basis is slightly out. You either use a Cash or Accruals basis for all your accounting. Most businesses will use the accruals basis. This is the accounting method under which revenues are recognised on the income statement when they are earned (rather than when the cash is received). Conversely, the cash basis recognises income when the cash is received. Same applies for expenses for the respective accounting methods.

Thank you for the intro to Quickbooks

Eric Semler says:

Thank you!!

Brita Schramm says:

ur videos seriously make me wanna drop out of night school

Paul Hardy says:

Nicely explained!

K. Alexander says:

Thanks VPS. Keep em coming

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