89.9 Cents Per Litre

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I didn’t have to take out a bank loan today to fill my car’s gas tank!

I shop at Safeway .. and that price includes my 7cents off as a Safeway Club Member .. but, it only took about $45 to fill my gas guzzler car! I think we’ve all noticed that gas prices are going down everywhere, but I thought I would pull out the chart for Winnipeg to see how the prices have been going on around here, since both the Canadian election (October 14, 2008) and the America election (November 4, 2008)

Not Much of a surprise in the Foreign Exchange Rate

October 29, 2008 was the high so far in 2008 at 1.2308 conversion … and the rates actually appeared to be on a decline up until the American election (1.1499) but has slowly been creeping upwards to 1.1942 close of today. I must admit .. I’m not watching these rates closely, but as I’ve mentioned in the past – my online ventures are all in US Dollars and if the rates dip UPWARDS around the 26th of each month and then back afterwards – I’ll be okay with that! (that’s the date I usually get money transferred from my paypal account to my Canadian bank account heh)

Got any Gas Price stories or foreign exchange stories you want to share?!


You know, in terms of gas prices, I’m loving how I can fill up my SUV now with 93 for only $40 and not $75 like a couple months back. Winter time = SUV time, I like driving in AWD in the snow. I’m glad the gas prices are going down. In some areas here in, I’ve seen as low as $2.39 -I love it.

That’s great Jen 🙂 SUV probably bigger gas guzzler than my beater Lumina – but just before August and my vacation this past summer my tank of gas was also about $70. Unreal.

I hope it goes back down to about $30/tank 🙂

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