8 Stamps That I Use All The Time In My SOHO Business

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I use these 8 stamps almost every day in my business

I’ve been busy inputting a lot of source documents and my stamps are starting to fade .. I need to replenish my office supplies soon! And, then I thought ..

.. I wonder if it is interesting to anybody .. that I always use these same 8 stamps over and over …

1) POSTED – for when I’m entering information, other than cheque stubs … I will stamp the face of bank statements after they have been entered, copies or originals of posting sheets .. etc. I don’t want to see stuff later on and wonder if I’ve entered it into the general ledger

2) COPY – That’s my office copy stamp .. if this stamp is on it .. it will be filed appropriately, either in my correspondence file, my permanent file, the tax file .. etc

3) DRAFT – Unless it’s a final copy, I don’t care what it is .. if there is a chance that a third party or client will be seeing something that is a draft .. it is denoted as a draft. And this means every page, not just the coverpage

4) CLIENT COPY – Everything that goes back to the client, that is not their records in the first place, will be stamped client copy – except the bound copies of financial statements of course or unbound copies on colored paper with my official letterhead in color.

5) EMAILED – It’s hard to remember to keep all the emails to clients, but I do in two ways. Firstly, I maintain an “HBSMC CLIENTS” folder in my email system and one for every client. After I receive or write an email, I transfer it to the folder. For conversations that I delete the previous content, I will print out the last email and stamp it with my Emailed stamp and put it in my correspondence file, in latest date order. It’s just easer to remember.

>> BY THE WAY .. I keep two of these expandable filing systems near me next to my printer.. one for correspondence to be filed, and the other for unpaid bills and 2nd copies of client invoices

6) PAID – This is my “backup” stamp for when I am posting lots of information and need a stamp until I buy a new one! I used to stamp “paid” on every 2nd invoice copy that I kept in my 2nd expandable filing system .. but now I use this stamp to mark on the duplicate copy of my bank deposit book when I enter it into my own accounting receivable system for myself – so, I guess I still use it as another Posted stamp

7) F.Y.I. – works great for that added touch when I send fax cover sheets for compliant issues (like GST or PST is due soon and inform them what the amount is) or when you prepare working papers and give a client a copy for their files, or when you write a letter to Canada Revenue Agency on their behalf .. sometimes I just make a copy and send my client a duplicate.

8) FOR DEPOSIT ONLY TO THE CREDIT OF … – (Not Shown) – is the stamp that I use to stamp all client’s cheques when I deposit their payments into my own bank .. doesn’t everybody else have one of these two? Makes things easier than writing “for deposit to the payee only” on every cheque received

By the way … I prefer TRODAT brand of stamps .. in case anybody wants to send me any of the above stamps out of the goodness of their hearts (or office supply inventory!)

Just kidding (sort-of) 😀


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