7. Quickbooks Online – Collect via Direct Bank Transfer / Credit Cards

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COMPLETE QUICKBOOKS PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdRLWj4K6aA&list=PLnWrVWj1APWsrEKbX8ZdhRMTvqONkc24d

MY COOKING / PERSONAL CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekSlt4mox10&list=PL6oq3Yy8TRGwG6e9O2ltr0aUdpYHMfkj6


Carol Hardy says:

Good to bookmark. Thx

Brian H. Darling says:

These videos are very helpful.

Bediare Collins says:

700466165 thats my ICQ I.D please ill need to text you in private, i need a sure hacker

david hamel says:

I just bought QBO and am trying to make a custom invoice. I don't see the option to change the colors.

Unicorn Kitteh says:

I haven't finished watching everything but why can't you charge tax for a "service" on here? I'm applying for a position that requires QB, but in my current company, we always charge tax on labor services, and I'm pretty sure I've PAID tax on labor services… I've also had this "argument" with our customers about it, since they seem to think you can't charge tax on labor. this company has been around for 40+ years so I doubt they overlooked that. can you clarify why this seems to be such a debate?

58059236 says:

what is 3.14%?

Android Kenobi says:

How can you hope for a bank ACH payment from a customer? The only person I've ever paid like that is my HOA dues. I would like to pay people more through ACH but that would require them to give me bank details now, wouldn't it?

J. MEJIA- S says:

which quick book is this regular quick book or self employed quick book

Amanda Haggard says:

what about using PayPal to accepting payments via QB ?

ana franco says:

Awesome video straight to the point I had a question and it is when would i get paid with a bank transfer and this answers it

Recreation & Digital says:

Thank you for posting these. Good stuff.

peter sen says:

For Service and Helpline Number 1844 857 4849

Brittany Ellison says:

These videos have been very helpful. I recently gained employment where using quick books is essential and I honestly knew very little to nothing about the program. I downloaded the free 30 day trial to get some hands on experience. these videos were clear and precise in many questions and concerns I had. He speaks clearly and is easy to understand. explains what certain things are and doesn't show just one way to do things on the program. I feel much more confident about taking on the duties of my new position having watched these tutorials. It also makes me excited to begin this new personal business venture with my mother using the program. I look forward to more. Thank you for making these.

Melissa VaL'eau says:

Just the best at tutorial I always come to u first and never deceived Thank you! ounce again for get to the point way my way…

smileyeagle1021 says:

Is there any way to either set up a "convenience fee" charge for using a credit card or a discount for using the bank transfer? You know, make it to the customer's advantage to use the bank transfer.

Angel Hodgdon says:

Hi, Thanks so much for the great videos! I would simply add a deal for customers who choose direct bank transfer – something like… "2% off, if you pay now via bank!" that way not only do you get to save, but your customers can too. Ha Ha 🙂
Thanks again for all the excellent videos…

Drew Carroll says:

Alright Legends!

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