60 Minutes IRS Tax Return Fraud

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60 Minutes IRS Tax Return Fraud


Mary Sherman says:

Don't read things into what was said. It started 2008 but the problem continued and there hasn't been another time in history that massive amounts of people in putting personal information at the same time when signing up for Obamacare. Plus the system had a lot of problems and I was wondering if this could have been the cause. I would have wondered the same thing if it was Trumpcare or any other program.

Those things should be looked into plus people need to be aware of the potential problem when entering personal information in an untried system and figure out a way in making sure their information is safe.

Mary Sherman says:

Interesting. Started in 2008 … Wondering if it was from registering for Obamacare.

Ziggy Munz says:

The key to this is saying no refunds and forcing people to get it right the first time


Nah that ain no actor that nigga a Genius 💯💯💯

Surud Patel says:

Learn from the Government Institutions 'How To' complicate simple issues and make Simple solutions complicated.

douglas howard says:

acorn was masters at this fraud, millions to one address and no questions asked

douglas howard says:

so you went to the fraudsters to ask about fraud?

douglas howard says:

every single tax return is a fraud

Anne says:

The IRS is doing nothing about these illegals filing taxes with their ITIN numbers while claiming child tax credits for children whom arent even in the damn country. Our government gets to steal from their checks under the guise of Social security, and these illegals work and still get benefits…its all bullshit

Tennille Alexander says:

People need money to live wtf does this world expect

texas says:

irs commissioner koskinen a cock sucker

jonathan liberty says:

here's a thought, the irs keeps your tax money you pay them with your earnings from your job, so they pay you what they think you should get, find you and send it to you…..but dark u.s governance makes the laws….so they can break them….so they can pocket fraudulent funding…..like identity thefted tax return money…..like all of this in this video……the 300 pound gorilla is that there is ironclad way the irs can stop paying out people with false claims because they should find you and tell you what you either owe them or what you will get as a refund then pay it to rightful taxpaying citizen….not let some crook (the government workers themselves who find underworkers to look it that they are "theives")

Jko Bi says:

America is full of shit.

Freedom Theroist says:

the black guy is an actor. so scripted.

Ammo Man says:

We don't need the IRS.
All the feds need to do is place a flat federal tax on groceries.
We all need to eat so no one can cheat, includuing the IRS.

Bob K says:

21 billion, hahahahaha, Good.

Hijo de Yahweh says:

The government is ran of our income tax. The federal government is. Think, how are we trillions of dollars in debt if almost every worker pays income tax?!! The feds are not federal. They're a family a private business who pimps us out of our money. we're to afraid, I'm to afraid tell them to stop breaking the law… stop taking half my pay check.

Hijo de Yahweh says:

Shit!! I get it!!… The fed gets payed $36 million an hour from scamming us out of income tax. You think they care if they accedenty pay another criminal a fraction of the lute. The IRS is the fuckin criminal you idiots. Kill the feds. Kill the feds. We won't have to file becous we shouldn't have to pay the non federal government anything. By the way it's a private company not a federal one.

technico69 says:

the guy at 8:40 looks like a Ballchinian! lol!

Betty M. says:

The government WILL strike back someday and we'll all be treated like criminals. Thanks for ruining our free country sociopaths.

Michael E. Brown says:

I've ready spent your tax return! How could you have stopped me? https://medium.com/p/962af25b2123?source=linkShare-b1881f615218-1460775171

uKnow says:

Why is this smug guy not in Prison for life? He ruins society and is walking around? Why is everything always upside-down? Oh Great he got 40 months oh great – upside-down society. Death penalty should exist for many cases and life should exist for criminals – he will be released doing the same thing again because he isn't smart enough to go and get a real job.

King Reef says:

fuck the government and IRS. bunch of stupid fat fuck

Daniel Miller says:

And this is why we want smaller government, because they SUCK!!! The bigger the government, the more they suck.

jeanlenor says:

But how the fuck does he cash the checks he receives? They really failed to question this..

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