5 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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Thord Daniel Hedengren’s Digital Playground has tagged me this morning with one of those MEMEs you hear about. Basically .. it’s another chain letter out here in the blogosphere, and if I don’t respond within 24 hours .. something horrible will happen to me .. like I’ll fall down the stairs, get hit by a bus, swallow a marble, or some other wierd curse placed upon my family! Just kidding~ If you are really curious how this works, click on the link to Thord’s site, and just follow all the links back to whoever links the current person back to the previous person and so on and so on.

So .. without further delay ..here are five things you might not have known about me .. HART

1) I was a Beta Tester for Win95

Yes .. I have been online since March 1995 and quite interested with this “internet” thingy, but sorry .. this is just a lie that I used to tell people in 1996. I wasn’t actually an official beta tester, but my cousin was and at the beginning of June 1995 I ‘borrowed’ his beta win95 CD and installed it and felt superior over everyone! Of course, the official release was August 1995 I believe, so it was pretty much in its final stages and I had no suggestions or comments or any input to its development. Although, I do recall asking my cousin to put in a “chit” comment that asked why that BLUE screen kept popping up periodically. (I don’t think they ever fixed that really, did they?)

2) Hi. My Name Is HART. Please Send Me a Dollar!

I still have 100% of all my websites ever created online at this very moment. The stuff since 1995 is mostly sitting at http://HARTandYVONNE.com/gatewest.net/ folder … but I’m afraid I haven’t really spent much time making some of the useful stuff into part of my current sites, nor have I found the time or desire to edit all the pages to fix the links. I did try to go down memory lane in my call HART crazy blog (those Get-Rich-Quick pages are a hoot!). Back in 1999 I was planning on writing my memoirs .. *cough,cough* but got writer’s block or something .. you can read HART’s STORY by clicking on the link, but .. perhaps you should be reading it with a shot of whiskey or a glass of beer .. because it’s quite pitiful.

3) I consider myself to be a musician

I grew up playing the piano, and currently attribute all my typing speed and skills to my ability of playing the piano. If memory serves me correctly .. I went as far as grade 8 with the Royal Conservatory of Music in piano and Grade 9 with Theory. For some reason this morning, I can’t recall exactly .. that was in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. When I purchased a few synthesisers (Roland Juno 2 and Korg DW) .. I became quite popular and asked to join several bands .. because I was the only keyboard player they knew. I did it more for basement/beer bash reasons .. and actually only did 2 gigs in my life. One gig was as a keyboard player at the Tyndal Motor Inn on Halloween Weekend (which, I’ve got on DVD). I also happened to play bass guitar and had a Rickenbacher .. and played a gig at the New West Hotel for a week with a band. In addition, I was backup keyboardist on 2 songs of a heavy metal band (that disbanded long ago) on a Record Demo produced by one of the original Guess Who members. Since I met with wife, who goes to sleep early every night, and have been living in a Condo since November 1997 .. it’s been hard but, I rarely even bother to set it up and jam anymore.

4) I met my wife online you know!

In 1996, I flew to London, UK and Stockholm, Sweden for an internet party meeting about 30 great people. In 1997 I was pretty much grounded trying to pay for this venture paid by my newly MBNA Mastercard! I still was chatting online, and was jointly using ICQ, mIRC and PowWow chat software. During late February 1997 .. my future-wife messaged me out of the blue on Powwow, based on my geographical location, and we type/chatted for a while. She was great and we had a lot of things in common, including it being a local call to each other! I met her in person on March 12, 1997 (a day before her birthday) and I practically moved in before the end of June 1997. I think she thought I moved in around September 1997 though 🙂 We purchased our condo in November 1997 and got married on August 31, 2002. It’s boring, but if you are interested in more than the readers’ digest version that I just gave you .. you can read how we met According to HART and According to YVONNE

Btw .. that’s my passport picture in the sidebar from 1996 .. if you want to see more current me.. there’s always our Wedding pictures and videos .. up on our HARTandYVONNE site

5) My Brothers And Our Family Businesses

I wouldn’t say that we were successful in business, but I do not consider our business ventures as failures. Even the ones that ended prematurely helped shape who we are and helped us in the way we operated our next business venture. One of our first businesses was called SOLID TIME INC. (STI) In the late 1970’s .. and early 1980’s .. we credit ourselves as the first company who marketed those Pen Watches to Shell Canada gas stations across Canada. That was a big sale for my younger brother brad, Who was mostly involved at the time. We also sold and warrantied digital watches sold in Safeway Canada. We were an importer company. We then started a newer company, called STI Merchandising Corporation (STIMC – name derived out of the watch company) and began merchandising novelties and confectioneries throughout Manitoba, North West Ontario and Saskatchewan. We had contracts selling meat snacks and other confections at all 7-Eleven Stores in these areas. We also were selling refrigerated products, like Hygaard CO2 packed sandwiches and Little Debbie Pastry treats among various other candy confections and novelties, local and imported. I started working for my father in his Chartered Accountancy firm in 1985 as an accountant, and except for the years 1989 to 1992 when I was working full-time with my brothers, I have worked with my father up until his retirement in 2003. Since 2003, I have been working on my own out of my home.

Now it’s my turn to pass along the torch .. to pick 5 people and “TAG” them, and hopefully they will write 5 things we don’t know about themselves!

And .. even if they don’t follow suit and write 5 things we don’t know .. I hope you check out these sites and add their feed to your reading list .. they’re great! And, if any of you five have already been tagged and blogged already .. um, okay .. just leave a link to your post Thank-You!

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Just in case you were curious, YES i can count (I tagged 6 people). Last one’s a rotten egg! ~

TDH says:

Hey, I’m glad I tagged you. That was a good read, Hart. 🙂

Thanks Thord 🙂 It was fun going over the old links again!

With this subject i must tell you why don’t we celebrate with the help of a glass of blended whiskey, and the day will get started simply great!

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