5. Quickbooks Online – How to Create / Send an Invoice

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Learn how to send your customers and clients invoices in Quickbooks Online in this tutorial


Chris Bernardo says:

How do you set up the email options so that the customer receives the invoice from your email, with the invoice as an attachment?

Daniel Kanelous (Digital King Beats) says:

i dont have the new cust tab, do I have to connect bank acct before I can send invoice?

German Resnick says:

Can I get Dora your CPA number?

Fai C says:

I prefer accwing online invoicing.

Najibe Deen says:

These videos are amazing even if you have the computer version… it just goes a few seconds too fast through all the steps but I do appreciate how they are not extremely long and boring… Great job and thank you so much!!!. I also really do appreciate how you broken them up into different short videos so you can go back to the one you need quickly!! :)

Celestino tamayo says:

services company

Celestino tamayo says:

i have windows in my pc..
working by my self .. want to know ..what is the best version for my small company (no employers)

Leo Gurdian says:

too fast you can't even see what your doing..

Eric Semler says:

Thank you!!

asinate waqa says:

how we makes bank details appear automatically on all my invoices??

Tina Lear says:

Oh pLEASE PLEASE, help me find the "next video" where you show how to design the invoice.  I need to use two different designs, depending on what I'm invoicing for.  Help! How do I find it?!

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