5 Helpful Bookkeeping Tips for Small Businesses 5-20-2014 Joplin

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http://www.cpataxservicesjoplin.com/ Unless you love working with numbers or you are an accountant, bookkeeping is perhaps not your favorite task. But adopti…


cpataxservices joplin says:
Laura says:

Hi QuentinI have a very low volume, but high fees bunseiss and so make do standard sales ledger, purchase ledger and cash book in Excel and then hand it acroass to my accountant once a year, so I am not sure if your package will offer me any advantage. I am also on fixed-rate vat. However, my issue is our domestic accounts and tracking not only expenditure (as we move into retirement), but also asset tracking, (source & application of funds?), analysis and management cash, shares, bonds, funds etc, as well as building buy/hold/sell decision-making criteria. How will your software help with this please? Do you have a functional spec. I can study? Thanks.

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