47 Ways to Say “IRS” … What do those initials really stand for?

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The “Internal Revenue Service” is such a bland name for an agency that stirs so much passion. With Tax Day just around the corner, the time is right to figure out what the initials “IRS” really stand for. WARNING: Immature Subject Matter. Viewer discretion is advised. Approximately 1.40 minutes Produced by Ted Balaker. Written by Balaker, Meredith Bragg, Tim Cavanaugh, Paul Feine, Nick Gillespie, Hawk Jensen, Damon Root, Peter Suderman, Josh Swain, Zach Weissmueller, and Matt Welch Related videos: 44 Ways to Say TSA youtu.be Why Aren’t the Rich Paying 50% in Taxes? youtu.be Visit reason.tv for downloadable versions of this and all our videos, and subscribe to Reason.tv’s YouTube channel to receive automatic notification when new content is posted.


James Greene says:

Its Really Stealing.LOL just because they voted to take the kids lunch money doesn’t make it moral.

booboobear1701 says:

Those rotten IRS scum can destroy you – take your savings and put huge levies on your salary – WITHOUT A TRIAL! Our lawless congress has given them this Un-Constitutional, Un-American power, and that’s a good reason to STOP voting for DemoPublicans! We need freedom to return to our sick nation, and only supporters of liberty and the U.S. Constitution – like Ron Paul – will bring that back.

Paul Hicks says:

…two words, RON PAUL…

koreeeyk says:


mojohns44 says:

Instantly Retarding Success

RainbowManification says:

Incommunicable Raping Spics 

GodOfTheInternets says:

Socialism is about ending the redistribution of wealth bro.

swu880 says:

yep- its really stealing

lk804 says:

Six people work for the IRS.

David Stewart says:

Inquisition Resulting in Sodomy

9971explorer says:

Irresponsible redistributing socialists

newperve says:

They’re responsible for both income taxes and corporate taxes so they steal the dividends twice.

jsebastianfilms says:

And that’s why over 50 percent of Americans DON’T pay taxes.

TheTopBandit says:

The first Revolutionary War was started over less Taxpayer thieft then what we have today from our own government. It’s long overdue that the people stand up to the raping of the American worker’s wallet from all the countless ways a Dollar earned is taxed. Government continually spends at a unacceptable and reckless pace with no concern to what the people want or desire and this needs to be stopped now.

MsThebeastmaster says:

I’d Rather Save

evmazu says:

My comment was inspired by Paul Craig Roberts who did a great anti-income tax rant here: watch?v=BSrX_TVDG2Y

Berelore says:

they probably disliked do to the speed near the end

elsquibbs says:

Involuntary Revenue Sharing

bocat1964 says:

actually we should eliminate the income tax and the IRS. The feds should go with a sales tax thats a little over state sales taxes

EveryonesWrongButMe says:

There should be an actual street gang called the Infernal Rapscallion Syndicate

tkeradar says:

It’s voluntary because you get to choose whether you want to file a tax return, or you can allow them to keep your extra money withheld by not filing. If you don’t have enough money withheld and you owe money, filing is no longer voluntary but required.

No joke, this is how my tax professor explained our “voluntary” system (with a certain amount of sarcasm)…

rickyricardo21 says:

6 people like being bent over and patted on the head .

andrewldexter says:

You may be missing the point: we want a government small enough that an income tax is unnecessary. The US didn’t even have an income tax until the passage of the 16th Amendment less than 100 years ago. The US of A has spent a majority of its history without an income tax, funding itself through tariffs etc.

physicalgenius says:

I Rape Suckers

ClassicalLiberalism says:

institute of

Deb0raR says:

The way to prevent that is to Not Tax anyone for the first $35K of income. That way, you maintain equal treatment and still provide relief for those that need it most.

Deb0raR says:

(still learning how to use this site)… The way to prevent that is to Not Tax anyone for the first $35K of income. That way, you maintain equal treatment and still provide relief for those that need it most.

TheTopBandit says:

I = “Irritating” R = “Rectal” S = “Servicing” (“Doesn’t sound like a good thing to me’) How about You?

TheTopBandit says:

As a good plumber would say, Try self copulation I don’t need you conjugal visit’s to my wallet any more.

TheTopBandit says:

If we all were to tell them to try self copulation just how much do you think these Demorat’s would spend from there? Sounds like a great thought doesn’t it?

TheTopBandit says:

Hey, Just for what it’s worth, Harry Reid said paying taxes is a voluntary thing and not something forced on the people. Wonder what they would say to Go F#ck Yourself I’m Not Being A Volunter Anymore?
I think Obama’s right hand Dummy should know what he’s talking about because he knows everything else.

HexTest says:

I wonder what would happen if 300 million Americans realized that if they fail to file an income tax return, less than 2% would actually get caught, and even fewer within that group would actually face criminal penalties for doing so…

Hmmmm…. I know Sam Edward Konkin had some advice on how we should take advantage of this, but it escapes me at the moment…

CountArtha says:

I’m picking up a bit of a rectal fixation here…

mexaguil says:

this video is recycled from last year cheeky buggers

evmazu says:


mendelbot says:

Illegal revenue suck? No, actually, my illegal revenue is entirely untouched. Illegal Revenue, Suckas!

NJLibertarian says:

Reason is not “center-right”, if they were I wouldn’t be a subscriber. They are libertarian. There is nothing wrong with being biased and partisan towards liberty.

takerdust says:

There is too much junk out in the media. I liked Reason for giving you the info, and letting you decide for yourself.

In this era of idiots telling everyone 24/7 how to act and what you need to know, I considered Reason as a top notch source of information and discussion. We don’t need constant sarcasm and snickering like we see everywhere already.

SanieClaws says:

It’s Really Stealing!

FatherTime89 says:

Well a lot of them talk of stealing and robbing so I assume someone there thinks the IRS should go away. If we’re going to have taxes we need a group that performs the basic functions of the IRS (enforce tax laws).

Humanicus says:

wow, could you miss the point any more?

WorBlux says:

Incalculable riches stolen is listed twice.

FatherTime89 says:

We need taxes, they are a necessary evil or else we’d have no way to fund any part of government.


I’m Really Sick of these pieces of shit,oops too many words.

Djarms67 says:

Smack those 4 in the head for rating the video down.

thegreatlordkaiser says:

what? who ever said PJTV was not like partisan and biased like us? and why do you use those words in a negative context? lol next you’ll tell me that discriminating is a bad thing lol. i suggest you find a dictionary and read the definitions of those words.

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