4 Biggest Financial Mistakes | Money Mistakes to Avoid | Financial Planning for Dummies

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4 Biggest FInancial Mistakes:
1. Insurance as Investment
2. No Financial Goals
3. Over Leveraging
4. Investment to save tax

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Anshul Chaturvedi says:

Which fund to buy

Raktim Chakraborty says:

Please make some videos on fundamental analysis and intrinsic value determination of stocks.

CSC AURADSH Latur says:

Please give this clip in hindi language

Pravin Kurade says:

nice video …always i found your videos helpful. will please what is a direct and regular mutual fund. which one is better. and how ti buy direct mutual fund.

Sagar V Rane says:

Perfect video perfect voice 😊😊😊

Bala Er says:

(41Y- F- 30Term-70L-Non smoker) i can pay 10K per year for term insurnc , compare Max life and Aegon .. which is best? Pls

Sarang Bhardwaj says:

looking forward to reading the book…
and great video as always….

Krishnaraj N S Nadburu says:

Hi I am a bank employee my salary is rs 25000/-p. m. I am totally new to mutual fund and investment area. I have been working in the bank for the last five years. I am unmarried and age is 28 how can I do financial planning for future needs I save around rs 4000 p.m. I have invested my exgratia and bonus in fd till now fixed deposit. Kindly guide me in this regards. Thank you

sudam das says:

Sent mail to get suggestion for portfolio … Please help

s gb5572 says:

sir I want to invest 40000 lumsum for 10 years for my baby girl in uti midcap fund. it is good fund? approximately how much I will get.. plz reply sir .. thanking you

Madhuri Patil says:

Good information..

soumyadeep mukherjee says:

I am a tax consultant.can you help me with itr4 online efilling as I am new into the profession. please

Saddam Ansary says:

Sir I order questions answer book on Amazon. When it delivered to me.

Vaibhav Gupta says:

3 months ago I bought motilal mutual fund 30, find has not been preforming well, fund manger also just changed, so it's safe to say behind the scene their is a lot going on inside the fund.

What should be the parameters where we reexamine a fund.

Vaibhav Gupta says:

Thank you for this video. Glad that I avoided all the these major mistakes.

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