3 GIANT Estate Planning Mistakes (elder law attorney tells it all)

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There are three mistakes that many individuals make when they are planning their estates.
Mistake #1) Not paying enough attention to one of the most crucial documents. The powerful Power of Attorney.
Mistake #2) Thinking Medicare will pay for nursing home or other long term care cost.
Mistake #3) Giving your assets away to children (probably the most important mistake).

Planning your estate is not for the amateur. One little word can make all the difference in whether your estate is processed exactly as you wish, or a long drawn-out fight with no real winners. In this livestream I’m joined by John Ross, a veteran elder law attorney and co-host of the top iTunes podcast, Big Picture Retirement.


Peter Mikita says:

John Ross should have a YouTube channel. Thank you Devin. I'm in Ohio.

Linda G says:

Can you recommend any books on elder care & medicaid as long-term care?

joybear says:

Yes! John needs a channel.

dotjewel19 says:

John Ross , yes to your own channel

Rosemary Padrick says:

John should definitely have a YouTube channel !!!

Socorro Sandoval Ordonez says:

So what if the attorney dies? Before I do?

Socorro Sandoval Ordonez says:

Looking good guys!

Devin Carroll says:

Get your questions ready!

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