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(singing) Do you wish me a Merry Christmas .. Do you wish me a Merry Christmas .. Do you wish me a Merry ..

Portable cell numbers two years away
Monday, September 12, 2005 Updated at 4:05 PM EDT
Globe and Mail Update

Wireless customers will have to wait two years to gain the right to keep their phone numbers when they switch to a new carrier.

The wireless industry today unveiled its long-awaited plan to introduce portable wireless numbers in Canada. A pilot trial is scheduled for mid-2007, with national availability in September, 2007.

Yada Yada Yada … reading another headline in my Bloglines …

I touched base last month on my cell-phone shopping woes in this article, and as you might have guessed, I am not happy with my Telus Cell Phone service. I signed up for a 3-Year contract and it expires December 16, 2005. I was lucky to pick my phone number when I signed up, without paying a penalty, so the last 4 digits are the same as the last 4 digits of our home phone. My wife’s cell phone is the same thing – the last 4 digits are the same as our home phone number, and we were also lucky to get that number.

It will be a shame to get a new cell phone number, because I use it all the time for business. I will have to reprint new cards, explain to my existing customers why my cell phone number is different, and set-up all my favorite phone book settings. Over two and a half years .. I can tell you that I am the type of person that saves every phone number that comes to my cell phone, and edits the name and stores it in my phone book. This way, if you have already called me once, I will know it is you calling because I subscribe to call display – and my phone will recognize you.

I am definately not renewing my Telus account. I guess I will be going with MTS, which telephone company I use for my internet, our home phone and my wife’s cell phone. It will cost me $25 to try to obtain a similar number that ends with the same 4 digits, but though won’t be able to tell me until I sign the contract and try to activate the new phone.

The last “Telus-Straw” was this past weekend. I was out shopping the other day at Sobey’s (formerly IGA) trying to pick up a few last minute ingredients and, like every good husband, called home to check in with the Boss! You know .. to see if there is anything ELSE we needed while I was at the grocery store. She was in the middle of something, probably playing Sims2! but she said she would take a look and call me right back.

I waited .. and waited … and waited … and started to get upset that she wasn’t calling me back, and she was probably still playing Sims2! So “I’ll show her!” I thought … I went ahead and hasted my speed to finish up all of ~ MY ~ shopping needs, so I can teach her a lesson .. Muuhhaaw Muuhaww (if I had a long skinny mustache, I would be twirling it right now).

I finished my shopping, paid the teller, the groceries were packed .. and I leave to my car. As soon as I step outside the building …. “Beep Beep Beep” …

Oh crap. I’ve got a voice mail message – AGAIN! GrrrRrrrRRrrRRrrRrrr! @ # # ! @ & ! ! The stupid cell phone service wasn’t strong enough (again) to receive messages inside a grocery store. By the way, it works fine with my wife’s cell phone inside the grocery stores.

Thankfully, my wife didn’t need anything from the store THIS TIME .. and, yes – she did call back within 2 minutes like she promised she would.

I don’t need that in my cell-phone company service. And that’s with my own family! Not that it’s more or less important .. but, it’s implications of me not answering your cell phone when you are self-employed and all your clients and business contacts knows you OWN one is ..

Well … I’ve started my campaign within my family to ‘point out’ what HART’s hoping to find under the Christmas Tree this year!

Take care.

PS: Hint to Lurking Relatives: Do a Search inside this blog for “gift” and / or “christmas” 😀


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